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Even the incredibly more nonsense version the CW used still included time travel.
The term flashpoint is about the schism/rupture the Flash creates.


And even Civil War still used the same basic concept as the comic.


Apparently, if you lift a baby calf on the day it is born, and continue to lift it every day, you soon discover you’re strong enough to lift a cow. Fact!


If you lift a calf on the day its born you’re already strong enough to lift a cow. Calfs are cows. Don’t be an ageist.


Your children are beautiful. See, I think a lot of our Amurrikun stereotypes come directly from film and TV, created by studio heads and materialised by casting directors. A casting call typically rings out like a Bigot’s Playlist. “Any ethnicity” is a term recently added. There’s this amorphous “group” of entertainment-makers that have their own ideas and slants in their heads, limn them and pass along the prejudice. I hear things like “no Black Widow toys, no movies” and I know it’s some old white guy, certainly not the children who would like to wear the black or their parents. It is dependent on what has been fed them, and what has been made available.

I hate gatekeepers in almost any form.


I don’t think America is particularly worse than most places on this.

Playing a real life or established character is an exception of course but in most cases race and ethnicity doesn’t really matter, gender too at times, Hollywood actresses have started pushing to be cast in scripts with male leads and getting that detail changed. That’s the approach Shonda Rimes takes where (unless again it may be a family member of an existing character) they don’t set any ethnicity in the scripts and then just cast the best actors.

It certainly doesn’t matter for ‘Sky’ in Agents of Shield, I wonder how many parts Chloe has taken where her mixed heritage causes any story issues at all? Probably none of them, so it’s sad it becomes one.


There’s a fun anecdote about my brother and I watching a Shonda Rimes show - “How To Get Away With Murder”, in that we had no idea that one of the characters was meant to be hispanic. She was very light skinned, had a not very notable name, but then out of nowhere there’s this holiday dinner scene where she’s with her considerably browner family.

Totally threw us off balance. What was weird is that her spanish comes off much better in other actual spanish productions we’ve seen her in since then. Cause there was this stiltedness to her delivery in that aforementioned scene that kept us guessing about whether the actress was or not.


We’re seeing a huge sea change in the way humans interact with each other. Wars, we find, do not turn out all that well for survival and beats the crap out of the infrastructure. This watershed event with Weinstein opens up more elements By a goodly amount the percentage of “non-traditional” families I personally know far, far outweighs “traditional” man-and-wife families. Things change, and we have a lot of folks howling their discontent!

Rimes is really bright. That’s the way to go.


This stuff always makes me think of the short film that got Vin Diesel noticed.


Milo was bad ass.


Really wasn’t sure whether to put this here or in the DC Television Thread:


Indications are that this will be lifting a lot from Johns’ Curse of Shazam.


Is that perfect sarcastic or not?


He’s actually rather great casting for Curse of Shazam Sivana…and Curse of Shazam was a pretty well done “movie oriented” take.


I just want Peter Dinklage as Dr. Psycho in the next Wonder Woman movie.


I don’t know if that’d happen, tbh… with the glaring and obvious exception of Tyrion, I don’t think Dinklage has taken on a dwarf role. And Tyrion is such a great character that I can see why he would, but considering how lame and underdevelopped CB movie usually villains are… =/


Ah! Secret Six time; Luthor plotting, hundreds of villains, Gail Simone just cackling like the genius maniac she is, Catman, Scandal, the real Vandal Savage and Ragman. Twas a fine run!


Was hoping they’d get Mark Strong to play Sinestro again.



Woah, woah woah…

Darkseid named him that as a joke. Quite literally, it’s right in The Pact.