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I have noticed that it’s not unusual for the children of an Asian/Caucasian pairing to appear Caucasian, like Chloe (Wang) Bennett.

I have brought that up as a possible reason that there aren’t any Chinese people on Firefly despite all of the Chinese influence. It’s possible that most of the characters are part Chinese, and all look white because of generations of interbreeding on the generation ships that brought them to the star cluster they live in.

And, by the by, I want Chloe Bennett to play Doctor Aphra in one of my Boba Fett movies.


I suspect “all of our white actors are actually playing part-Asian characters” probably isn’t an excuse that’s going to go down super-well.


Some Boss Logic fan art:


Sounds like some of the things Afro-Latina actors deal with in the entertainment industry. Gina Torres’ quote on the matter sticks in my head. Her quote starts the next second.


I am going to remember you said that.




It’s just that no-one on the show thought of it.

My feeling is that we should separate the creation and the result, and keep them clear in our heads.

Fiction will never be a complete picture, it’s a sketch. We’re looking at the bits that the people who made the show (or film or comic or novel etc.) thought were important at the time.

Those people are real, they have lives, schedules, responsibilities (in and out of work), strengths, weaknesses, blindspots, personal problems and successes.

And sometimes they fuck up.

‘Firefly’ was loaded with asian text, names and design but no-one thought to cast an asian person on the crew of the ship.

That was, in the end, a fuck up. The best way to reduce the number of fuck ups is to admit to them when they happens and keep them in mind when going forwards.


Funny thing is Chloe Bennet looks like a latina… I thought she was latina for a looong time before I read she was actually asian… :smile:

But then again that’s not super suprising since the american indigenous traits are rather similar to the asian traits. Actually, both Morena Baccarin and Summer Glau looked to me like they could’ve been half, or at least part asian.

I dunno, I found it quirky and interesting that there were so many asian influences in Firefly, yet there was no actual asian faction of any sort, and everyone spoke english with twinges of chinese here and there. Who knows, maybe with more episodes/seasons they would’ve adressed that… it kinda seemed like an integral charactersitic of that universe.




Gun has clearly never met competitive fans of anything before.


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Ugh, isn’t it too damned early for time-travel? (Of course I strongly dislike Flashpoint in all its incarnations.)


Not now that the clocks have gone back an hour.


That’s BST though. U.S. Daylight Savings Time doesn’t kick in until November 5th, at least according to Google.

Why do I feel a sudden urge to sing “Lets Do The Time Warp Again?”

Edit: There we go. I’m not crazy.


That could just be the name they’re giving it, ala Civil War.