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the decision was made to retcon


Next they’ll be re-launching the whole movie line with new #1s :roll_eyes:



That’s an… interesting choice.


hum… yeah, I can somewhat see it, but man, he’s gonna have to get squared and buff af, because he’s usually on the skinny side… =/


I can dig it.


If only there was a way someone could get stronger with big muscles.


That’s crazy talk, stop talking crazy


Capt Marvel has always been chunky/squared shaped… it’s not about getting muscles, it’s about getting blocky… I’m sure there are ways, but I’m also sure the body has limits… So I guess we’ll see how blocky he can actually get… The Rock is probably a good exemple of the body-type it needs, though less muscle-y perhaps, the Rock has gone a bit too crazy with his biceps =/


He just needs to start cultivating mass:




Yes, if only there was some way to make the body bigger and stronger. Some magical or mystical way to overload muscles by picking increasingly heavier things up repeatedly…


Oh, please, Will! Anyone with good sense leaves heavy things exactly where they found them! And “repeatedly”. I dunno. Sounds neurotic to me!


She’s rather young compared to Affleck. Plus, you just know there are fans who’ll bitch over a non-White actress playing the part.


She looks white to me. Are all Mexicans automatically regarded non-whites in the US?


Latinos are usually regarded as white.
Latinos usually despise being regarded as such.


Here we go with Chloe-Bennett-doesn’t-look-half-Chinese-eben-tho-her-real-name-is-Wang.

It’s show biz, folks!


Well, Affleck probably won’t be playing Batman… :smiley:


To be fair it isn’t just showbiz, and I am very aware of how Chloe changed her name and the discussion around it, I didn’t realise watching the show she was at all Asian. It is just life and simple ethnic tags are confusing when we have an increasingly mixed race population. Can she play Chinese when she has a lot of western features? Who knows? It ceases to be binary at that juncture.

I have two kids that are half Welsh, half Malaysian Chinese. Especially for my son he doesn’t really look Chinese at all. What do we do with him in casting? Did many people realise Ben Kingsley as another mixed race child was really named Krishna Bhanji?

I went on holiday to Cuba in 1999 and there were groups of schoolkids in the main square. They sat eating lunch varied from very dark to blonde and blue eyed. Technically all Latinos, who knows?

I think we should embrace the grey areas to be honest. At some point it becomes a mush where nobody can say.


huh… that chick is SUPER hot, but she doesn’t scream Selina Kyle to me… she’d be okay tho, it’s not like either Pfiefer or Hathaway were perfect fits either. I’m trying to think of someone with a better SK face, but I’m drawing a blank u_u