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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More


Steve seems to have temporarily forgotten how the Internet works.


Oh them. Well they will fight, are fighting already I’m sure.

The people at Warner Bros though, are behaving like professionals, and all credit to them for that.




The only one I would visit an alternate universe to see would be Batman Triumphant.


I’ve read the Mankiewicz script. Not bad.



People are starting to say that Justice League is going to be 121 minutes, which is interesting.

The team at JoBlo have pointed out that two major theater chains, AMC and Regal Cinemas, are both listing that Justice League’s runtime is a svelte two-hours and one-minute. Most notably, Justice League’s brisk 121-minute cut makes it the shortest film in Warner Bros. DC movie oeuvre.

To provide some context, here’s a list of runtimes for each of Warner Bros.’ recent DC movies.

Man of Steel (2013): 2h 23min
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016): 2h 31 min/ Alternate cut 3h 1min
Suicide Squad (2016): 2h 3min/ Alternate cut 2h 14min
Wonder Woman (2017): 2h 21min
Justice League (2017): 2h 1min

If this is correct, then I think I’m only going to get a little more excited.
And hey, I’m sure it makes an extended cut on home video a pretty safe bet.




New Justice League poster.


One more reason to love Christopher Reeve.


Imagine if Brando had gotten his way and Jor El had been a sandwich!


I thought it was a bagel. :wink:


I heard donut.


While trying to figure out who drew that poster, I watched some of the recent promo clips and stuff and, you know what?

I suddenly find myself quite looking forward to this. Seems like Warner finally managed to make a non-broody and depressing superhero movie, and really that’s enough for me. Some Whedonesque quipping and character work and Snyder’s styler should go long way; I don’t even care if the plot’s crap. Seeing these guys in action could be great.

And we all already know how awesome the moment will be when Big Blue comes back.

So, yeah, what the hell. Bring it on.


Did you ever find out who drew it? I was curious about it too.


Unfortunately not. There’s a bit Tony Harris feel to it, I think, but it’s not him. It may be someone who isn’t from the comics world, though.

I suspect the internet will take a few more days to figure it out, and then we’ll know.


It’s always weird to me that they don’t celebrate these things more. In comics (which this is very linked to), the artist is a feature not something to be hidden. There doesn’t even tend to be signatures on the work.


It’s a bit of a shame, yeah.