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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More


It looks quite good.

I’m not a big Flash fan so I have no issue with how he’s being portrayed here - he’s the goofy rookie, and plays it well.

The only off notes are Bruce being a wiseacre, and the FX on the Cyborg-ferrying-Aquaman-in-mid-air bit.


Looks good to me. I was firmly in the non haters camp for MoD and BvS anyways, and really enjoyed WW. This should be great fun.


Man of Dough?




I was gonna make fun of you… but you know… I’m a fan of SQ, so who am I to laugh? :smile:



Good :+1:t3:

I say this as a Whedon fan. I look forward to his contributions to this film, but he hasn’t “saved it”. This is still Snyder’s vision. And, I can’t wait.


I just want it to be good.

I’m sure there’ll be further discussion about who did what but I just want to enjoy the film.


Well, that gives me a bit more hope.


Yeah. As a Whedon fan, I hope (and think) his influence improved the movie, but I expect it to be a lot more of a Snyder movie than a Whedon one.

Also, given the circumstances of his withdrawal, giving Snyder sole credit seems like the only decent way to go.


I thought this came out a long time ago saying Snyder would get sole director credit and Whedon would get a writing credit.


Maybe. I missed it if it did. This is nice to see though, given the never ending “reshoot” rumours that have been circulating for months now. Credit where credit is due.


Not a long time ago, but it’s come up:


Exactly; the director credit has only just been officially confirmed, the writing credit was sorted out earlier.

And as I said when the writing credits were announced, it will have been a tricky process but everyone knows that it’s best to present a united front, not just for the sake of the movie (and all the money tied up in it) but as Gar said; because of the tragic personal circumstances involved.

No-one needs to fight over this.


I have never known of anyone on any level in Hollywood (meaning the entertainment biz) who did not fight like a wolverine around some credits!

Now, whether to put them on or take them off, that’s another issue!


I give permission to put my name on any movie.


Me and a buddy fought like hell to get our names off a project! It is now referred to as the “show that never happened”.


It may differ if there are the circumstances seen here. You really want to be seen as they guy chasing a credit from a man who is suffering from a horrible bereavement?


One would have to assume that was all part of the deal at the outset.


Most likely, yes.

Miqque’s right, its an aggressive culture. Oneupmanship is constant.

But so is the importance of public image.