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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More


I don’t want to get my hopes up too much. But this is looking good.


I am not sure about the look of the action. It all still looks very… artificial? Computer-game-y? That was one of the problems I had with SvB (and that was a huge disappointment, because after Man of Steel, I thought that Snyder had gotten beyond this).

The banter’s alright, but that much was pretty much a sure thing after Whedon took over.

Trailer doesn’t give us anything about the story, which is where I expect the whole thing will fall apart.

I did like the first scenes with Lois a lot.


There is a lot going on in the trailer. I kind of hate the Flash, but like pretty much all of the rest of it. I noticed they turned up the color saturation a little bit which is nice too.

All in all, it looks pretty great. The “my man” part is incredible. People are going to come out of this movie ready for the Aquaman solo film like immediately (Aquaman is trending on Twitter right now, that’s how I knew this trailer was out).


The Flash’s banter is terrible. But other than that I think he looks really cool.


pfff I know right? After that I was just left wishing for a Snyder MoS2… he really does it for me… those glorious shots and that awesome music =’(


It’s a bit of a shame that we never got a proper Superman sequel. I really liked Man of Steel, and it feels like SvB just was the wrong choice for Snyder.


I have lots of issues with MoS, but it had promise and I wish they’d gone with a proper Superman sequel instead of the trainwreck that was BvS. I think Snyder had a solid Superman/Luthor story in BvS, but it got lost in the mix of everything else.


Definitely. Luthor is a highlight of BvS and if it had been more focused then that could have really showcased so much more.


It looks exactly as I would expect the sequel to BvS to look.

If it gets good reviews I will probably see it at the cinema.


I can’t wait for this.


I’ll see it in the theater, largely because I both enjoyed Wonder Woman and have that MoviePass thing. So it’ll essentially be free for me. Still don’t really like the inclusion of Cyborg (don’t like the look of the character either) and, as Tom said, the Flash banter isn’t working, but I’ll give it a chance.


I’m there, I’ll be seeing this, but that’s more to do with earlier trailers. That was… nothing much really. Just some scenes, some shots. Not any kind of a hook or idea of one.

As for the Flash’s banter; he’s not bantering. The fact that he can’t do that is part of this version of his character. He’s on the autistic spectrum and he doesn’t do social interaction well.


If so, it just comes off as a really forced attempt at humor that flunks hard.

So if it’s an autism thing…then it does that awfully as well.


My experience of people with Aspergers is pretty much like Barry in the trailers.

Mileage may vary, but I have no problem with how he’s playing that part of the character.



Why didn’t they just title the article We Didn’t Like Suicide Squad And Here’s A Couple Cameo Roles From Some Old Films To Bump The List Count Up.


That looks fantastic. So pumped.


Saw that new trailer for JL - damn, looks like it’s going to be fun.


My man.


That trailer has me. If Alamo does a marathon, I’m there.