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Yes, but I like how it doesn’t even attempt to connect itself outside of the Bruce Wayne letter. Cut that letter out and it’s even better. Meanwhile you have something like Doctor Strange with turns the Eye of Agamatto into yet another jigsaw piece of the overall macguffin of the MCU myth-arc. That sort of stuff just weakens the overall property and makes it less about said property.


I don’t agree. Part of it is my preferred comic book universe sensibility. If you’re going to do X movie from X Universe, you have to take the pains to include the trappings, or you might as well just pick a different name and and make a similar movie and not bother with the trappings of the source material.

Otherwise you just have every other self-contained genre property movie, which was fine at the time, but I’ve been waiting for linked superhero movies for years and now we have them and now Warners wants to go back to the old way, because they think they will regain Dark Knight glory.

I don’t think the market is going to react that way. I think they’re gong to spend more time explaining their balkanized properties rather than just giving a nod and a throw-away line or to to explain something and moving on with the story they want to tell.


I guess that’s just us at our most fundamentally different.
Because the MCU movies I’ve enjoyed the most are the ones that have been the most cut off. Because I feel they are trying to tell a solid, focused, story.

But that, as with most things, is all subjective.


Not forgetting that, just realising that it was a conscious choice for the movie that worked.

They could have done a modern WW origin story that tied everything in much more closely with the rest of the DC movies. Instead they kept that stuff to the framing sequence, and only touched on it lightly even then.


They can be, especially anti-social behaviour. Not giving a damn about other people and the social conventions that they live by can give someone the opportunity to get a lot of things they want. That’s what crime is really.


I understand that, but her being older than them all is a plot point from BvS. Choosing to do an origin movie doesn’t make the choice seem like a big decision. It’s more of an “of course it’s in the past because she’s older than new dirt.”


But that’s all part of DC’s plan that they’ve chosen to adopt for these movies. They didn’t have to do it like that. Snyder has a story credit for WW too, so it was all decided as part of the overall approach.


When Marvel was developing Thor as a film they had a script set in the viking era, some of the concept art and designs even turned up in the art book for the film.

But they chose to make a modern story instead.




Kirby who?


Apparently he was a ‘Disney Legend’ who in no way created one of the best comics ever published by DC.




Joking aside in this instance I would disregard that issue because even if Lee did nothing in the character creation and plotting, his scripting really does set a unified tone, even if the subject matter can be a bit disparate.


Challengers of the Unknown? :+1:





I might have to steal that one.


Batman Ninja is a new project that came to light after the schedule for New York Comic Con was posted. The film is being directed by Jumpei Mizusaki, who is best known for his work as a producer on the acclaimed anime series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and his technical animation work on various Mega Man games including Mega Man X7 and Mega Man X8. Mizusaki is joined by Afro Samurai creator Takashi Okazaki, who will act as a character designer, and screenwriter Kazuki Nakashima, best known for his work as a writer on Kill La Kill.