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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More


Providing Star Wars Episode IX doesn’t get pushed back to December. :slight_smile:


At least they didn’t steal her away to direct it!



Only 8?


:frowning: at least some people are happy…



I actually thought having Batman in the theater marquee in Derry was in reference to that, having quickly and sensibly eliminated the fact that Batman and Lethal Weapon 2 were by the same studio as It.

LW2 also of course costarred Joe Pesci whose most famous line is “Am I a clown?”


That’ll put a bit of a dent in Wonder Woman’s second week. Wonder if they’ll move it forward a week or two to avoid Star Wars.


It’ll be moved months away.


Yeah, BvS jumped a couple of months away when Civil War challenged it for the same date. I expect something similar to happen here. Maybe February for WW?


Dude, the girl who played Beverly Marsh would be perfect for Carrie Kelley, if they want to continue to play into a Dark Knight Returns style Batman.





Early on in my reporting, officials at WB/DC told me no one uses the term “DC Extended Universe” internally, and that it’s not official, and that they didn’t know who came up with it.

I did some digging and found the first usage: this EW article from July 1 2015

The writer of the article, Keith Staskiewicz, was hard to track down. Not on Twitter. No website. Finally got him on Facebook and asked about the term. Turns out he just straight-up made it up as a joke.

He said: “it was my own phrasing when I used it in the story. Just seemed like the kind of thing they’d call it!” Per him: “I just looked back on the piece now and noticed the (in-my-mind) sardonic little trademark symbol I gave it. Whoops.”

Years later, it’s in use everywhere as though it’s official. The lesson: never make a joke, because no one gets jokes.



Seems that DC hasn’t learned from their mistakes.


I’m not sure that’s fair. The most acclaimed (and financially successful in terms of box office) DC films of recent years have been the Dark Knight movies, which existed in a completely standalone world.

Similarly, Wonder Woman was pretty light on connections to other DC movies.

I know that the success of Avengers made everyone think that interconnected universes was the name of the game, but I’m not sure it has to be, really.


The problem is not these stand-alone films, but how it is B/S done. We were all waiting for such crossover and what happened?
Is it too much to ask for DC’s version of Avengers?


Apparently it is.

The DC movie universe is such a mess right now that I think it’s the right decision to focus on the individual movies for now. Just develop the single properties as best as they can and leave open options to tie it all together later on.