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I think that would have been fine, but the core of the movie has no hook. It’s all just implication. If they were going to have him have a son, then pull the trigger on it then. Don’t just dance around it.


The Roger Ebert review of Superman Returns is entirely on point.

Choice quote:

“This is a glum, lackluster movie in which even the big effects sequences seem dutiful instead of exhilarating… when the hero, his alter ego, his girlfriend and the villain all seem to lack any joy in being themselves, why should we feel joy at watching them?”


Pfff no way, everyone knows Snyder Supes is the first to be bleak and not enjoy himself… :smile:


I didn’t see ‘The Accountant’ but it seemed reasonably well-received.


It was fine, but nothing special. He didn’t write it though, just directed. Warrior, the MMA movie which he wrote and directed, is pretty good.


It’s well made but it didn’t sit well with me, it’s really got an odd moral compass about some of the characters and the way it treats autism.

But maybe that’s what ‘Suicide Squad 2’ needs?


Warrior is on of the better sports/mma movies if recent years.


Fucking hell - what does a guy need to do to keep people happy?

Only cast women?


There are serious and valid criticisms of Whedon’s portrayal of women, especially when it comes to deeper issues such as sex work. In Firefly, for example Inara clearly has a position of respect in society as a courtesan, but she’s constantly put down by pretty much everyone in the cast, and even charcters who like her such as Kaylee refer to sex workers as whores. This is compounded by the storyline that was proposed for series 2, which would reveal the mysterious vial seen in the pilot would be a serum that killed people who had sex with her, and she would use it against a group of Revers who raped her.


This may be a discussion for a different thread but I don’t see that as compounding anything bad.

It’s a weapon of self defence or, at worse, revenge. It doesn’t make her a victim and it doesn’t judge her profession. It makes her someone who has a plan to deal with people who would want to harm her.


There’s also the thing about Angel and Buffy and how having sex turned him evil (plus the age difference is weird)


From what I’ve heard, there was a little more to it than that - apparently the idea was that at the end of that story, and as a result of her suffering that horrible attack by a group of several Reavers, Mal would subsequently start treating her with more respect.

Which could have worked depending on the script - who knows? - but I can see why some people might think it was a problematic idea in general.

There’s more information here.


Which highlights the inconsistency that Lorcan was talking about better, but still doesn’t explore it. It’s Mal’s problem so what was needed was an episode that explains why Mal has a hang up that other people don’t?

From that link, the episode that borrows from ‘The Cold Equations’, is interesting, but lets Mal off the hook again. He makes a choice and we can understand it, but perhaps it’s a stronger story for him is he’s wrong in that instance? If he’s just the guy who makes the pessimistic choice because that’s his nature.

I think, like all shows, if it had continued I’d have liked some episodes more than others.


Yes, and I think it’s really impossible to judge those ideas properly on the basis of those brief descriptions. A full episode would obviously be able to explore those issues more fully and deal with the nuances of the ideas in a way that isn’t apparent from a story summary like that.


There’s a huge amount to unpack beyond how I’ve put it, and I’m not well-versed enough to do it justice, but the issue is more around having a sex worker be the one who’s raped, and the sheer WTFfery of how they were going to “empower” her in the moment. And the additional details @DaveWallace posted which I’d forgotten about.

Ultimately, the issue with Whedon seems to be a lot of small things rather than one big thing. Like he’s not a terrible person, but he’s not as good as his press usually suggests. For a lot of people who are angry at the portrayal of minorities and women in the media, the championing of a creator like Whedon as if he represents feminism is almost a slap in the face - because of stories like this, or the Black Widow subplot in Age of Ultron where he suggests her infertility is a punishment for her shady past.

Now bear in mind I like most of Whedon’s work - but thinking that because he’s good at positive representation of women in some ways doesn’t mean he’s some feminist paean. And you could argue that the people who want him the hell away from Batgirl are overracting, sure. I don’t necesarily agree with them but that’s partially because I don’t give a shit about a Batgirl movie, and I’m not the one who’s feeling put down by the dodgy elements in his work. But you’ve got to take a look at some of the more nuanced criticism of Whedon’s work before deciding.


This annoys the fuck out of me.
That is not in any way in the text of the film.
She’s infertile because of the Red Room she thinks she’s a monster because of her actions and body count.
She explicitly says this in the film.

Sorry, that came across very grumpy. I’m not having a pop at anyone.


So the Junkie XL/Gary Clark Jr. cover for Come Together is out


I guess that’s our answer to what version was playing in the trailer. :wink:

Edit: Damn. I forgot how many of the lyrics to that song are just complete nonsense.



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