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Sasse would be perfect for Captain Marvel, at least compared to John Cena.


Could they call the movie The Rock of Eternity instead of Shazam?


I liked the working title of the original 2004 planned production “Billy Batson and the Power of Shazam”…makes it sound fun.


For some reason, this makes me imagine a jazz musical.


Billy Batson: The Little Boy Who Wanted To Become A Big Boy.


Too long.
Let’s just shorten it for ease…how about “Big”?


And Vice Versa.


When I google Shazam, I’m told its some kind of music app. DC will have an uphill battle competing with that.




Shazam is a great app. I use like 4 apps on my phone and that is one.


Shazam is one of a handful of things in the 21st century where you really marvel (no pun intended) at this wondrous future world we live in.


WAS that pun truly not intended, Gar?


I have never intended any puns, apart from the ones I probably did.


They just need to synergise. Shazam is now a movie about Billy Batson, a hipster superhero flying around to other heroes declaring that he already fought whoever they’re about to go up against, back when they were really obscure.


For more synergy, they can cast Jamie Foxx, host of the Shazam TV show.



It’d been a long time since I watched that, you’re right. Good scene.


It’s an excellent scene, sadly probably the only one in the film that gets that status. Superman Returns isn’t a disaster but it’s very flawed and uneven and seemingly a bit confused as to what it wants to be.


It’s like an over-reverential cover of a classic song that while having some great technical pieces doesn’t really add anything to the original and just kind of makes it slower and more melancholy.


That scene really encapsulates one of the major issues I had with the film. Lois gets smashed around the cabin, she bashes her head hard enough that she should be dead or at the very least unconscious but at the end of the scene she’s fine. It’s hard to care about the stakes of a film when regular people are as super human as Superman. The supporting cast was portrayed really oddly in the film. They couldn’t accomplish anything without Superman but at the same time they were never in any danger.