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I’ll hazard a guess at none at all. 95% or more of a blockbuster audience have no idea who the director is. Of the remaining 5% most won’t have heard of this story, most of those who have won’t care, most of those that say they care will go anyway.

It wasn’t the invisible hand of the moderators that meant this wasn’t discussed for the best part of a week even on a geek board. It’s that nobody could be bothered enough to bring it up.


Honestly if the scandal piece goes viral enough it could have positive impact on Justice League. More people will learn he’s involved with it, and if they are fans of his other work might be more compelled to give it a shot.

They do say no press is bad press.


I honestly don’t think the Whedon scandal will have any impact on JL. That movie will succeed or fail on its own merits and people’s view of the DCEU. I’m think Snyder’s vision will dominate Whedon’s contributions.

Having said that, I think the scandal has the potential to impact him directing Batgirl. That will all hinge on how much traction this scandal has. It’s also possible that WB could drop him but the “official” story could be scheduling conflicts or something like that.


The publicists will judge whether to send him out on the PR junket or not? Snyder will, hopefully, be ready to go out and talk, but even if he’s not, the actors are the public face for most people.

And as for scheduling conflicts; it’s not like those aren’t real, as well as convenient excuse sometimes.

The idea of a shared universe growing haphazardly, without planning or even intention, just by reacting to what the audience responds to, is the opposite of how every like Marvel, Universal and even DC are trying to do it.

It’s working well so far though.

I think Sandberg is talented, but obviously not as experienced as Wan. I’m interested to see what he does with Shazam. I’m not expecting it to be horror/superhero, but I’m hoping he’ll ratchet up the tension, while retaining the essence of the characters.


I really liked Brandon routh as Superman I would have liked to have seen more movies with him in the role.



And I am sure there will be many Whedon fans who are bitterly disappointed. The fansite Whedonesque has already shut down. And I can understand all that. His actions certainly were those of a hypocrite, and there are many people who are disappointed.

However, I think adultery is an entirely separate issue from your political stance on feminism. I don’t know if Whedon also set himself up as paragon of faithfulness, if faithfulness was something that was a major issue for him. That would be a different matter. But feminism is mainly about the fact that women and men are equals. This belief really doesn’t have anything to do with unfaithfulness (which happens in all kinds of constellations, in relationships between two men or two women, or in male/female relationships from both sides), although there is certainly an overlap especially when it comes to how society treats unfaithfulness by men and by women.

But in the end, that’s where this ends for me: cheating on your wife is a huge private failure for Whedon, but not one that in any way impacts his writing or his political views for me. And the public at large won’t care for this one bit. I do feel sorry for those fans of his to whom his personal virtues were important, but that’s not the kind of relationship I have with a writer, nor do most people, I believe.

One caveat: if it turned out he abused a position of power over actresses, all of this would be a different matter.


I agree with you 100% about everything else. But…one of his letter excerpts mentions how he felt like “Zeus” due to his position in Hollywood. While there’s no evidence, I can understand why anyone could see it that way.


Well that is what the letter seems to imply tho… none cares he cheated I think, it’s more to do with the implications that he might’ve had a “casting couch” of sorts and abused his position. Who knows if that’s true or to which extent, and honestly, I doubt any actress is gonna step forward and shed some light on it because it’d be more damaging to them, in the end. At any rate, I don’t see much press about this, so it seems they managed to do some good damage control on this one.


Yeah and that’s what I said earlier. We have a fast news cycle, by the time you posted it here it was several days old, any fuss there would be has already passed (unless extra revelations come about).


And that’s an interesting comparison, seeing how many consorts Zeus took.

And Zeus was, if I remember mythology correctly, a bit (if not explicitly) rapey at times.


He’s a dramatist, and clearly one in real life too.

This is his spirit animal;


I can’t imagine the Whedon divorce gossip having any significant impact on the box office of the DC movies. At most, there will be a minority of Whedon die-hard fans who decide to boycott his work (and for more of them I daresay it would be a temporary thing).

The story would need to be something substantially more serious for it to hinder box office performance.

There have been somewhat similar gossip stories out there about Ben Affleck and his divorce but it hasn’t really impacted the performance of his Batman movies.

This past weekend Floyd Mayweather, who was actually convicted for far, far worse treatment of women than cheating on them, likely broke his own PPV box office record.

Some guy was recorded talking about grabbing women by the p***y and people still put him in a position to unleash a nuclear apocalypse should he desire.

People want to see what they want to see, regardless of the personal drama of the celebrities involved. By the time the Batgirl movie arrives the media will have long since moved on to other such stories and that will be that.



Guy with a big funny grin, homicidal, hates Batman = Joker.

Dang, we ain’t stupid!


Look what I found:

And to go with that:


The official writing credits for ‘Justice League’;

Writers: Story by Chris Terrio & Zack Snyder, Screenplay by Chris Terrio and Joss Whedon
Based on characters from DC Entertainment, Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

Writing credits are officially determined by how much someone contributed to the script. The studio makes their choice for that reason but also for others, including who they want to be nice to and keep onside, but a mixture of quantity and the importance of their contribution to plot and character and what counts.

Credit isn’t just ego, the kind of credit you get also determine the official residual payments you get from the movie.


Snyder keeps solo Director credit though.

I’m surprised Whedon didn’t also get a Producer credit.


I’m sure there’s a lot of conversation behind the scenes.

The simplest theory though is that, despite reports, Whedon really has just finished the film off but that he’s re-arranged things and added/changed a lot of dialogue. Enough that he gets a co-screenwriting credit.

He’s been on the film far less time than Snyder.

It’s also in his interest not to rock the boat too much anyway. He’s been writing for years, but he’s got decades of his career left.


For obvious reasons they won’t want to crap on Snyder anyway. If he’d stormed off in a huff it may have been another matter but he had a genuinely very tragic reason for leaving midway.