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A little bit more complicated that that… anyways, here’s the original article that started it all (written by his now ex-wife)… I’ll just leave it here, you guys decide if you care or not…

I’m probably just gonna drop this, because I’m starting to feel the angry glares of some people in here… :smile:


It’s gotten pretty ugly, and it doesn’t sound like he treated his wife or some other women very well, and people are upset because he has positioned himself as the super feminist geek dude.

I don’t know to what extent the mods would prefer us not discussing it here but you can Google it pretty easily.


Ok, fair enough. I’m not really interested in discussing it, it’s their private life and nothing to do with me. Well, his wife clearly doesn’t think it’s private, but it still should basically be of zero interest to anyone except them.


Well, as I originally said (and the reason I posted it in THIS particular thread) it might, or might not have an effect on the future plans for the DCCU, depending on how bad it gets, or not… Whedon’s taking the reins for the JL franchise, and possibly Batgirl… so this could change… or not… I don’t know… hence the “discussion” bit… u_u

Also, I’m sort of surprised I beat JRCarter to the clickbait on this one :joy:


If my employers fired me because I was getting a divorce, I’d sue them for unfair dismissal. As (1) it has nothing to do with the quality of my work and (2) it’s none of their business.


Okay, maybe you should read what the issue actually is? maybe? It’s not about a divorce solely… =/

I get it if you people don’t wanna discuss it, fine let’s drop it, but if you’re gonna get snarky about it, at least read what it’s all about…




I read the story when you posted the link. He slept with other women, acted pretty shitty, and his wife understandably was pretty upset by this.

It still has nothing to do with his work.

If we start boycotting the work of people who do morally questionable things, there will be very little high art or pop culture left for us to enjoy. I would venture to say none. Maybe we could still read the Dalai Lama’s books. Unless we’re Chinese.


Okay, whatever… if we’re gonna pretend now like these sort of scandals have zero impact on anything, then I guess we might as well just forget about it.

Also, again, it’s not the affair, it’s the implications of the affair (and the details) on his public persona, in particular in terms of his high profile as a feminism advocate in geek and particularly Superhero culture. But suuuure… it should be of zero itnerest to anyone, I guess… :roll_eyes:

Ugh, why do I even bother sometimes… u_u


Not necessarily.

The scandal with Whedon is akin to the one that blew up with Brian Wood four years back.

The common link? That both creators are perceived as leveraging their political public positions for commercial gain, that they use their personal politics to market their work and people buy it on that basis. Now, if then turns out that their actions don’t back up those statements, people might well feel a bit conned.

It’s another variant of what happened with Micah Wright, albeit more complicated, as that case really was open and shut.


Because as a comic book fan, you enjoy slamming your head against a brick wall? :wink:


Yes, it’s the “nerd masochism” affliction… can’t escape it :joy:

Sooo… what about that Man of Steel… :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay. That’s a good point.

I like his work, but I can’t say that I personally see him as an opinion leader. But I agree that many other people do.

I am not sure how big an issue this would be for the movie. It isn’t really being promoted as a Zach Snyder or a Joss Whedon movie at this point, and everything has largely been about the characters.


I too am not sure of what effect it’ll have on the movie - is it widely know there’s been a transfer? Here, yeah, but wider? Don’t know.

What might determine it is media visibility of the scandal over the coming weeks, if it doesn’t disappear WB may decide they have to take steps to resolve it.


Yeah I agree with this… and tbh, there doesn’t seem to be that much visibility so far. I don’t think it’ll really change anything for Justice League anyways, Snyder’s name on it is more than enough to tank it :smile: … I’d be more concerned for the Batgirl project, since that one IS being hyped as a Whedon movie, with all it entails.

Personally I’m not particularly interested in a Batgirl movie, so I don’t really care about it one way or another, but it’s gonna suck for people pining for more female-led SH movies, it could be a big blow if this “scandal” blows out of proportion. Eh who knows… honestly it’s just a slow saturday and I’m just filling time while I wait for tomorrow’s more interesting discussions =P


The character Buffy is a strong female character, but that does not make it a paramount feminist show.

And it isn’t.

Never was.

Never will be.


Slight diversion from the Whedon drama:


Maybe that’s my problem, and why I’m struggling to see the other side of the argument. He’s a writer whose work I like, and that’s as far as it goes for me. What he does or says outside his work has never been something I’ve really thought about, so finding he’s a hypocrite or whatever has no impact on whatever weight I might give to his opinions – which was zero.


You don’t cheat. Ever. But his statement says a lot about him too.

I hate gossip. I detest bullies. Some of the comments made by women have been appalling. They accuse him of exploiting feminism for commercial gain whilst exploiting other people’s distress. So not shiny. It’s their business but the media as per usual is making it business.

The 2013 Equality Now speech by Joss meant a lot to me. Likewise his writing and portrayal of women. It still does. I’ve never understood the criticism of his work. I need a better scriptwriter, but his characters talk a lot like me. They speak to me. He doesn’t write for feminism, we should be beyond that long ago, he writes for people.


The only thing that grabs me about the ex-wife’s statement and the excerpts of his letters is that there is some skeevy tones of a casting couch situation as an undercurrent in them.

Which should be handled in house and not aired anyway.