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“You tink dat’s funny? I’ll show ya funny!”


Hey! Jim who scandalously isn’t fond of mob movies with a Goodfellas reference!


Dafoe would still make a fine Joker, as seen here:


Hulk Hogan?


Hah! Yeah, that’s something that always freaked me out a little about him. I don’t think it’s in his range really, but the smile would be great.

image image


Another fan-favorite for the Joker:


Yeah Glover as the Joker would be terrifying.


Mmmm… kinda surprised none seems to be discussing Whedon’s scandal in here… or anywhere on the forums =/


We’re still too busy lamenting the news about Chris Rock.


Yeah on second thought, better not tell Al about it… :smile:


I fixed your post. Repeatedly.


And yet.


Well, I mean, it’s not totally irrelevant because that might affect the supposed Whedon Batgirl movie…

It could also affect Justice League, but let’s be honest at this point Justice League is DoA anyways :smile:

There’s also a host of other things to discuss, but eh… I’m not expecting the usual suspects to chime in, after all =P


The female manager at my LCS and many of her female friends hate Whedon as they don’t see his portrayal of women in his projects as positive as many say it is.

They are hoping he drops out of Batgirl.


I don’t see what Whedon’s personal life would have to do with Batgirl, much less Justice League.


It’s a crappy divorce. I get why it’s news, the private lives of the rich and famous always are, but any boycott of Whedon’s work is going to be a drop in the ocean for something like a Justice League or a Batgirl movie.

Which I half expected to get stuck in development hell anyway because its Warner Bros.

Most people who liked his work will still like it, even if they don’t like him as much/at all now.

The peopler who don’t like his work weren’t going anyway.

And everyone else will be reading the next crappy private life story by the time either film hits cinemas.


It shouldn’t… honestly I don’t give a shit about celebrity affairs and all that, however Whedon’s positioned himself as THE premier geek feminism advocate, which makes the whole thing a lot more uncomfortable for everyone involved, I suppose.

Yeah, he’s always had a lot of detractors, and I can see their POV. Gotta say, all in all I’m not even surprised, it’s always the most vocal advocates who turn out to be a bunch of lying hypocrites. It’s not like it’s a new thing… But hey, watching at some reaction videos on youtube… it’s been very educating to say the least :smile:

I know I shouldn’t, but I am rather curious about what @Lorcan_Nagle thinks about this…


This hasn’t been something discussed here, and i don’t think its because Whedon gets universal love from posters on the board, plenty have said they find his wisecracking style irritating.

But this isn’t Youtube and its definitely not Youtube comments.

That’s there, and it can stay there. Good riddance to it.


I’ll be honest I had no idea there was a Whedon scandal. What did he do, shoot someone? Caught with a hooker? Deface a confederate statue?


Oh, he’s getting a divorce? Like three million other Americans every year? Not really that much of a scandal :confused: