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Or show up…


eh… at any rate it should be siple enough: The JL movie will make or break this DCCU thing… although I believe Aquaman is still a go.


Aquaman is filming.

So definitely a go.


Maybe they’ll have like three different Batmen. One in the standalone movie, one in the JLA universe, and one when Nolan decides to go back and make another Batmovie.






Bats Men.


He did complain a bit after the release, saying there was quite a lot of footage with him that didn’t make it into the final movie.


DC comics



They couldn’t cast someone with orange skin? :angry:


He’s kind of busy at the moment.


That’s pretty much what I assumed he meant anyway.


yeah… pretty much… hence why I said bollocks right away. I do hope Leto returns as the Joker… I liked what he did, but I might be one o the few =P


That makes one of us.


I think WB missed an opportunity by not casting Joe Pesci as the Joker at some point in time.


Or Joe Chill. Just popped into my head, he’d have been a great Joe Chill.


This came up in my Quora feed:


You know who would have made a great Joker?
Dennis Quaid.

I recently noticed he has one of the largest, creepiest smiles in Hollywood.


Nah, Joe’s more like the Penguin.