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I agree. I think that a shared universe is “neat”, but overall strong movies need to be strong movies beside that. Them “dismantling” the DCEU really doesn’t set a fire under me other than a change of format.


I’m with you. I wouldn’t mind the other standalone movies referencing other heroes or even other events in their movies, but not beholden to telling an overall story like the Marvel ones. Let the long story be in the JLA movies, the single hero stories stand on their own.


Pff that’s bollocks… if Ben Affleck is there it IS part of the DCCU… I reckon what they mean is that there’s not going to be any cameos or references to the other movies, which as far as I knew was already a given since they said it was gonna be set in Batfleck’s past… sooo… =/


I think Marvel have handled it pretty well but it’s always been a more difficult thing for DC/Warner because the tone of their characters varies so much. I consider it a positive move.


I appreciate all efforts made in order to stand out from the homogeny of blockbuster movies.
This new, freer line of flicks gives me a lot of hope for the latitude that they’re giving Whedon with Batgirl.
Maybe this is Logan’s legacy? What a fine one to have. Now hurry up and green light Red Son already!


I agree.


I’m waiting for someone to make a dumb joke about them only being able to green light Green Lantern.

Can we get some big budget animated DC films?


It looks like they’re just throwing ideas at a wall now.


The way studios normally work is that they rarely come up with ideas, people come to them and pitch their ideas and the studio says yes, or no.

So someone had the brainwave of a Joker and Harley Quinn movie and it struck a cord with whoever heard it.

The chances of the film every happening are 50/50 at best. Leto and Robbie are busy actors and there’s no strategy for the films, no phases the way Marvel have.

Could be great, could be crap, could disappear into development hell. Hopefully some people will make a little money and pay their bills off it in the meantime.


Affleck’s involvement still seems a bit uncertain at this point.


Even if Affleck does it, I’m still not convinced it means continuity.

If Reeves reshapes Gotham or moves it away from Metropolis, if he recasts Alfred or Jim Gordon, if he makes not reference to any other Superheroes, or incorporates them in ways that contradict the other films?

Right now, it looks like he’s got the freedom to do what he likes. Specifically what he likes.


I agree with you. I’m hoping against hope that the post-Infinity War movies from Marvel focus less on team-ups and cross-overs and big huge Avengers events and focus more on individual characters and their worlds instead.


I dunno, I think the issue is either the execs don’t want Leto back as the Joker, or more probable, Leto doesn’t wanna return after the whole SQ fiasco… so to me it seems like they wanna distance themselves from that bit of “continuity”, mora than anything else.


What was the ‘SQ fiasco’? Did Leto have a bad time making it? I don’t remember hearing about that.


I think what we’re seeing currently is that we can have a variety of options: Single-character movies like Black Panther, proper small team-ups like Thor 3, another hero as a supporting character like in Homecoming, and the big team movies like Infinity War.

I agree it would be a shame if you, say, don’t get another Cap movie because it always has to be something like Civil War now, or if what you can do with a single-character movie is limited because there’s pressure to involve the shared universe.

But theoretically at least, I think the established universe gives Marvel more options of what to do with the movies, not less, so if they’re clever about it, there should be more benefits than drawbacks.


I think Jon means more in the sense of that the whole movie was a fiasco if you tried to watch it :slight_smile:


I think that I remember reading that a lot of Leto’s scenes were cut from the final film. Maybe that’s the fiasco in question.


Yes, the “fiasco” was, well first of all how it was absolutely trashed by critics, of course, but also that Leto complained quite vocally about how many of his scenes were cut from the movie… he wasn’t too happy about the finished product, IIRC. I mean, remember that they made a whole deal about how he got super into the role, with the pranks to his co-stars and whatnot, but in the end he barely appears in the movie =/

And mind you, I haven’t read the clickbait about the rumours concerning this new Joker origin movie or whatever it is, but I’m assuming Leto isn’t being mentioned anywhere… hence my theory about why they might want to break away, at least from a PR standpoint, from the whole Extended Universe idea… After all, the Joker might be even more popular than Batman himself (with casual movie goers, that is).


He’s not being mentioned for the origin movie, but apparently they’re now developing a Joker & Harley movie (in addition to Robie’s role in both Suicide Squad 2 and Gotham City Sirens).


Where DC’s shared universe is concerned - well, there’s no rulebook for this when it comes to movies. Warner might well go the way of using continuity when they like it, as with the Batman in the Suicide Squad movies, and disregarding it entirely when they want to do something else. And I guess they might as well - if it’s all a chaotic jumble, it’ll drive DC comics fans crazy, but the audience at large probably won’t even notice.