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Deathstroke was just brought back to Arrow after they were made to drop him a few years ago, so he’s probably not going to be in the movies anytime soon.


There’s a whole Flash series, he’s still getting a movie. I don’t think Warner Bros think that way.


They’ve said in the past that they’ve had to do it. It was the same with Suicide Squad and Harley Quinn, and they killed their Amanda Waller.

Fans have wanted to see Manu Bennett back as Slade “Deathstroke” Wilson for some time, mostly since Arrow hasn’t had a villain nearly as good since the show’s second season. But back in February, Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim said in a friendly exchange on Tumblr that “The character of Slade Wilson is currently tied up in another DC project.”


Hey, remember when I said the positive reviews and word of mouth would give Wonder Woman legs? Well…


Yup, just checked… still in theaters here… Still not gonna go watch it =P

Ugh, I might even skip Homecoming as well… u_u

But yeah, legs indeed. Good for them, they really needed a solid, unquestionable win. This should also help Justice League…


I’ve been wondering if that’s more of a casual, “nothing to see here” backing-off of a dumb policy.


Yeah, Johns seems to have made a few changes to the rules since he was put in charge, like allowing Supergirl to use Superman (and possibly Gotham having Batman), but it’s unclear.


Diana’s legs break records!



Will Travis Barker be returning to the group? :wink:


I would like to see a Grant Morrison style take on the JLA. Imagine starting the movie like most superhero epics end. There is a big glowy portal in the sky and Darkseid is preparing to complete his Anti-Life Equation. The Justice League gathers to fight against impossible odds and then… they fail.

Darkseid takes over the world, and the Justice League are brainwashed to be his enforcers except for Batman who will not break. Then you have Scott Free going around waking up heroes who forgot they were heroes like Billy Batson (or Mary Batson) who constantly is trying to remember a word but it is always on the tip of his tongue. Or Dick Grayson who is constantly looking for Bruce Wayne, even though he can’t remember who that is.

Finally, Billy (or Mary) remembers their magic word SHAZAM! and Dick releases Bruce from Darkseid’s prison and the tables start to turn, but will Batman be able to save his friends or will be have to unleash the many death devices he’s developed in the eventually that he would have to kill them?

Morrison’s JLA run really should get more attention as I think it basically injected a lot of needed heat to comics at the time and paved the way for Wildstorm and Ultimate Marvel to open the door to the cinematic superhero renaissance we’re getting today.


When it comes to the New Gods - ORION should get more attention.

Even Morrison gave him the shaft.


Still haven’t watched it, but from the trailers for Legion, TV seems to be edging close to Morrison territory. I have my doubts that big-budget movies are ever going to go there, though.


True, but Morrison’s JLA is far from THE INVISIBLES and much more straightforward. It’s even less Morrisonesque than his New X-Men. It provides the greatest foundational material for a DC universe to rival Marvel without copying them.


Thinking about the Wonder Woman sequel and it doesn’t make much sense to me to skip over a good 60 years and go straight to the 1980s without at least explaining a few things along the way. It also seems bizarre to me that the character would still be in the “real” world throughout the 20th century without ending conflicts like World War 2, or at least significantly diminishing their horrors.

I’d go with Diana travelling the world for a few years after the end of the war but then finding her way home to Themyscira just before the Great Depression sets in and the world marches onto another massive war. She finds that her mother has passed away and some power-hungry Amazon has taken over the island, maybe as President rather than Queen. Diana is upset of course but is willing to remain Ambassador to the outside world and not challenge for the leadership spot. Of course, the incumbent ruler is frightened by Diana’s presence and so winds up betraying and imprisoning her. Diana is stuck behind bars for several years and things go from bad to worse under the new leader, with the island turning into a fascist state readying itself to go to war with the outside world. Diana does eventually escape and some of the Amazons side with her as the genuine Queen, leading to civil war on Themyscira. Diana wins in the end, of course, banishes her opponent and restores peace to the island. She then goes to return to the outside world but then learns of the horrors of World War 2 and decides that humanity is not able to be saved from itself and so stays on Themyscira, sealing it off from the wider world for good.

This then leaves the third movie to have something coax her back into the outside world – maybe with the villain finding a way to tease to her that Steve is still alive, which of course turns out to be a trap, and then something convinces Diana to have another go at spreading peace throughout the world.


The thing is, they’re not motivated by explaining things. They want to make movies that people enjoy, and preferably enjoy repeatedly. They might cover some incidental detail, but they believe the audience will forgive any continuity errors.

If the story that (they believe) will do that is set 60 years after this movie, then that’s what they’ll make.

But if someone comes in with a great WW2 or Cold War pitch, they could change their plans.

For the record, I think that more attention to continuity is a good thing. Consistent character and world development makes for better stories, but I understand a middle ground and a need to retcon things occasionally.


Not really a DC movie, but related:



Honestly, after watching Legion, I think she could make a kickass Scarecrow. She’s got the skills to portray villains outside of her own gender and I don’t feel like she would need to settle on cat woman unless that’s her hearts desire.


While thinking of Aubrey playing male Gotham villains, a thought popped into my head of Aubrey as the Joker and how that would affect the Joker-Harley relationship.