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DC Cinematic Universe - Wonder Woman, Justice League and More


If Madrox shows up in LEGION, I might be enticed to watch the show.




You know, from X-FACTOR.


I could almost see Dan Stevens and Tom Holland on that show.


According to the DCEU wikipedia page it has a July 2020 release date.

Whether it gets released in 2020 is another story, or if it even gets made at all, but it seems to be in development.


That film was announced prior to the release of BvS


With Geoff Johns now in such a prominent role it makes sense to give GL another go.






I get it you want a L.E.G.I.O.N. show.
I can get behind that. The series was great.


To be honest, I don’t want a Legion of Super-Heroes that was inspired by Man of Steel :expressionless:


I can see DC might be willing to follow up Superman Returns with a comic book adaptation at some point in the future sort of like how they followed up the Batman TV show. It would also be fun if they used the rest of the Reeve Superman films to fill out the universe.


It is interesting how they’ve sorta set up the possibility of L.E.G.I.O.N. already in Supergirl. I could see Brainiac and Lobo showing up if the show continues as long as Flash or Arrow.

Personally, I think the American Alien comic is a better approach for expanding the DC movies universe.


Wonder Woman has become DCEU’s most profitable film domestically.

The good reviews really seem to have buoyed it too. It’s made its profits faster than BvS:

Wonder Woman’s domestic box office total to bring it a total of $330.5 million after just 28 days in US theaters. Previous title holder Batman v Superman raked in $330.3 million, but that was after 84 days at the box office.


This makes me happy on many levels. Good stuff.


Yeah, BvS had a fantastic first weekend, but collapsed after that because almost nobody liked it. It made more in its opening weekend that the rest of its run combined. Wonder Woman only made $100M opening weekend, but has managed to more than triple that.


We can truly say that Wonder Woman has great legs!


What’s equally interesting is that Wonder Woman’s totally BO is pretty much evenly split between domestic and internation (though it hasn’t opened everywhere internationally yet).



There’s no need to get personal. Besides, they had loads of baths on Themyscria.