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I know, man! Weirdly, he hasn’t returned my letters!


That is not my Batman.


He has forwarded them to FBI though…


And they haven’t answered to my job application, either!

Fun fact: After a weekend of binge-watching Twin Peaks, a friend and me decided to find out how to apply for a job with the FBI and then do it (so that we’d have a rejection letter, mostly). Turned out there really was no way for foreigners to apply . Strange, I know :slight_smile:


Video of Dolph Lundgren, rehearsing for his role in Aquaman:


Boy, I love that comic!!!


I love Loeb’s mystery books but feel he always cheats on the ending.


I agree. It’s the weakest part of most of his mysteries.


The solution always seems to come out of left field or be someone that has been logically crossed off the list but is brought back through some plot cheat.


Like Hush with the Tommy/Clayface twist? And even then, it was never outright confirmed who the person was under the bandages.

(Long Halloween played a bit more fair with that aspect, I think - with Alberto’s body never being shown after his supposed death earlier in the story. Although more recent editions of the story have new pages inserted in that chapter to more strongly imply that his body was found. I think it is a corpse that they assume is him, but is unidentifiable.)


Ya. I think he often conflates twist endings with whodunnit type mysteries. The former is generally acceptable except when fit into the tighter rules of the later where the mystery needs to be good but solvable by the astute reader with the clues given.


The Hush ending may be a little anti-climactic but I always liked the idea that the identity was never shown. I don’t know if it’s just me but I have a feeling that Loeb wanted it left open-ended so it may not even have been Tommy Elliot, but then this was messed up by others coming on. The great reveal for me in Hush is that The Riddler was the mastermind behind it all, and makes it one of the great Riddler stories. I could see Hush just being some great martial artist that Riddler hired to act out a part. Tommy Elliot could still be alive but Riddler could have been forced the personal details out of him.
Just a thought, and obviously this was completely disproved when they did the Hush sequels.


I saw the mastermind as the real reveal anyway not Hush’s identity. That one was a cheat too as he had already been marked off the list and is only deduced by Batman because of information not given to the reader.


The Long Halloween gets a lot of praise that I’m not sure it earns, in my view. The art is great, and when it rips off the opening of the Godfather, it’s great. But it does feel like Batman is a pretty ineffective detective with the case going on for a full year. I do like the book, but I just don’t love it like a lot of folks do.

Does anyone remember that one panel where the nephew steps out onto the deck of the boat and he gets a thought bubble? I think it’s the only panel in the whole thing with a thought bubble, which seems a little strange to me.


I always prefer Hush over TLH. If anything, the art is gorgeous and the plot has more intimate touch, especially in later stages. Though I hated the idea of Riddler figuring out Batman’s identity. And though it has been never revealed who the Hush really is, it’s fairly obvious. I mean, the amount of clues he gives during the final battle. Must say, too, that Loeb never has been a favorite Batman writer to me. IMO, the character monologues are so dry and stale that you may up not reading them and still get the story.



Gonzalez said to keep all eyes on San Diego’s Comic-Con International…
“If I were you guys, I’d make sure I’d be inside Hall H this summer,” he teased.


Mister Miracle and Forever People movies at last?


Three to four movies per year?

At that the rate they’re announcing them, they’ll need to.

Aquaman. Flash. Batman. Batgirl. Green Lantern Corps. Black Adam. Man of Steel 2. Justice League 2. Suicide Squad 2. Wonder Woman 2. Gotham City Sirens. Cyborg. Shazam. Justice League Dark. Nightwing.


I love ambition!

I think they’re pinning a lot on the superheroes but they have a good range of characters.

And I have hope for their future.