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It’s a stylistic choice


Speaking of stylistic choices:



Fanboy hypersonic Kamehameha scream!



:smiley: What, “director mentions Hitchcock in interview” wasn’t a good enough headline?!

It’s fine though. Shows he’s approaching Bats with the right mentality to do something different this time.

“For me, point of view is really important,” Reeves said. “I want to make sure you are experiencing something from the perspective of the main character in the story. I’m a huge Hitchcock fan – I like the idea of being immersed in that perspective.”

I’ll be glad if he manages to actually tell a story in which Batman is a proper protagonist. He was reduced pretty much to a bystander in the Nolan movies, and it’s time for a Batman movie that is more about him again.

And yes, with the mention of Hitchcock, I am thinking, Hey, maybe he’ll even get to be a detective this time!

But that may be hoping for a bit too much.


Sherlock Holmes in a cape?

Ok, so Holmes wore a cape sometimes… well an ulster coat at least…


I definitely think that “Sherlock Holmes in a cape” should be part of what Batman is.

Hm… I wonder. Would a House/Elementary Sherlock kind of personality type work for Batman? It feels like Morrison sometimes veered kind of close to that territory…


An addict?


It’s been tried before.


I read that as Batman vs Venom for a second and wondered when the hell did that crossover happen?


Batman as a detective…I have always wanted someone to pick up on that in the movies. It is one of the distinguishing things about Batman. He’s the Detective hero. It’s what makes him different from other characters with gadgets and technology but no powers.



I always thought something like Long Halloween would be quite a good model for a ‘detective’ Batman movie.

(Although they would maybe need to improve or clarify the ending.)


Even something like the Riddle me This story from Legends of the Dark Knight might work. It would be smaller in scale but still give a lot of scope for a mystery and lots of action.


The Riddler is (potentially) a great villain for the movies.

This fan poster is one of my favourites;


Yes, Riddler would definitely work with a more grounded detective story.

He’s also one of the Batman characters that has a fair recognition factor with the general public (largely due to the Gorshin version, but also Carrey’s take I guess). Subverting his usual colourful wackiness into something more sinister (as implied by that poster) could work well.


I can see it working in fits and starts. His showman-like qualities channeled into his OCD and back again.

I assume that a role of that nature would be appealing to a lot of actors as well?


An addictive personality, sure. But not addicted to drugs. He’s addicted to being Batman.

(I think that’s a well-ploughed theme in the comics, too.)

But I could also see making him an arrogant, sarcastic, cold genius work pretty well.


You should write for Zack Snyder. :wink: