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So they talk about the nipples and stuff. But I don’t think he realises the many ways in which it was a truly terrible movie. And I don’t think the writer does, either. I mean -

I wondered what the man that made great films like The Lost Boys, 8mm, A Time to Kill, Phone Booth, and Batman Forever (not great but not terrible)

Yes. Batman Forever was also a terrible movie. Also, 8mm wasn’t great. Not even a little bit.


I can’t remember the last time I agreed with teenagers :open_mouth:


I’m not sure how he manages to fit that in a ring :confused:


This time last week? (Their political leanings).

You are getting your second flush of youth David!


The only speedster to use the ring in live-action lately was Professor Zoom.
Your beloved CW Flash doesn’t, bwah-ha-ha


The same way a cloth costume would fit in one. :wink:


Kryptonian Brainiac Shrinking technology.


Time Lord science.



Movie features a cyborg, a dude who lives in the sea, a Demi-god, a dude who shoots lasers from his eyes and flies, and a dude who’s mad at people until he realizes their moms have the same name. I think we can let the ring thing slide :wink:


Nice. For me, Elfman >>>>> Zimmer.


Steady on,next you’ll be saying that not having underpants doesn’t matter :roll_eyes:


I keep preaching - Zimmer and Elfman!

The only one to leave alone is that Williams fellow.


And if that’s not a cue:


What happened to Junkie XL!?
This is disappointing.
What was the last great soundtrack that Burton did? I don’t remember anything from Age of Ultron (though that could be down to Marvel not allowing any of their composers to do great things).
Batman v Superman had a really cool score, a great collaboration from Zimmer and Junkie there. And I’m sure that you all remember how great Fury Road sounds (it’s impossible to forget when every other movie seems to rip it off for one track).


I’m see your point…but damn it if Elfman scoring Apokolips isn’t tantalizing.


Interesting thematic connection between scenes in Man of Steel and BvS.


The cynic in me thinks that Snyder’s first draft of his comment was “Damn, I wish I had thought of that.”


It’s a comfort thing David. Let it go. :wink: