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I think it looks fine.

The wires are the only thing keeping it down, but the rest is just normal armor and ferrari red is a good compromise.


What if Transformers were superhero costumes?


Not that severe.


It’s pretty close.


Way too streamlined and sleek for a Transformers design

It’s just armor plates.


Armor for what, he’s the fastest man alive.


And, he’s never been injured in all the history of the character of course…


I had to look it up to see for myself:

They should have called him The Iron Flash.


I don’t mind it. It does look a bit Iron Man-ish. It also looks a bit like the new Power Rangers uniforms to me.


Never Change, Tom, Never Change. Speaking of the Movie Flash, Netflix is now showing Royal Pains and Ezra Miller in recurring guest star in Season 1 as an abandoned neglected trust fund baby


I forgot he did that!


I still like it.
Has a nice sleek, car-like, feel to it without falling into just fabric texture pitfalls.


I think that’s what they were actually going for.

Tbh, I’m a bit disappointed in the Flash & Cyborg’s costumes… considering we’re talking about Snyder and the awesome job he did with Supes, WW & especially Batman, it almost looks like someone else called the shots for those 2 costumes.


Actually, I still don’t like Superman’s, but that’s mainly because they had his suit be Kryptonian underoos and now that’s all I see.


Road rash for is he trips?


They do have a new intro for their films though much like marvel changed theirs.

And it’s reminiscent of the opening from the Justice League animated cartoon which I like.





I wish there was more information in this as I’ve never even heard him associated with the role. My understanding was that Nicholson was always the first top choice and even considering Williams was just a ploy to get Nicholson to sign.