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It also cost $76m less to make than Man Of Steel which may help ease the slightly lower revenue.


Yes, I think the original meme was a direct reference to the film’s profit margin rather than a general point about how much audiences had enjoyed WW compared to MoS and BvS. :slight_smile:


Also it’s worth considering that the better critical reception may result in it having a longer life in theaters. DCUE saw huge opening box offices and then large, rapid drop-offs after that. Wonder Woman may not suffer that problem. If anything this coming weekend will probably be a better predictor of its fate than the opening weekend.


You can read it either way, but I thought it was about the audience rather than the money.


Yes, hopefully my sarcasm was clear there.


I have to admit, I’m genuinely torn between wanting to see Wonder Woman again and wanting to see The Mummy.


I’d be surprised if revenue isn’t a bigger motivator than profits. Warners is a big company - they don’t want movies that lose fortunes, but they’re also not relying on getting $100 million out of Wonder Woman (though they clearly will given the box office predictions). I think the biggest motivator is maintaining a steady audience for DC properties. Based on opening weekends WW had 25% fewer audience members than SS, and 40% less than BvsS. Maybe the long legs will close that gap, but it’s still market erosion.


The cartoons are clearly another shot at Snyder, who apparently isn’t going through enough right now and needs the internet making sure he knows that they like this movie better than his.

But your post here is interesting and puts things in perspective. I do think Wonder Woman will enjoy repeat viewings and long legs. It’s inching into that “water cooler” territory where love it or hate it you have to see it and have an opinion. Plus this Mummy movie isn’t exactly tough competition.


[quote=“RobertB, post:2155, topic:7572, full:true”]

The cartoons are clearly another shot at Snyder, who apparently isn’t going through enough right now and needs the internet making sure he knows that they like this movie better than his.[/quote]
I don’t read them like that at all. I have seen no personal nastiness towards Snyder following the recent news about him and I don’t believe these are intended as a slight in that way. (Not least given that Snyder was directly involved in Wonder Woman anyway.)

I think they mostly stem from the simple idea that it’s mildly surprising that Wonder Woman has delivered a movie that audiences have largely enjoyed more than the Superman and Batman movies that came before it, and it’s playing off the contrast between that reaction and the higher profile of Batman and Superman as characters.

I doubt most people among the general public even know the name of the person who directed Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, much less are seeking to take shots at him and exploit his personal tragedy.


The people who don’t know who Snyder is aren’t making DC movie memes though.

I don’t think it’s exploiting or making light of his tragedy, intentionally or othetwise, but it’s clearly an anti-Snyder thing. This isn’t our first day on the internet.


I guess you can either read it as a message of positivity about Wonder Woman or negativity about other DC movies.

I know what my reading of it was but I guess everyone will see it their own way.


Yeah, sorry Robert, I don’t think that’s clearly the message either. It’s not impossible that it is, but I’d call it a stretch to say that’s clearly what it is.


People are expressing a preference, like Coke over Pepsi or PC over Mac.

Unless we have a moratorium on such things those expressions will continue, and as long as they don’t have a go at Snyder as an individual right now I don’t see the problem.

When news broke of his family tragedy, and that he was stepping away from Justice League, that was the very sensible rule that was put forth for this forum; discuss the films, not the man.

We have done that, and so do these images.


I won’t push the issue any more but it seems pretty obvious to me based on being on social media for the last five years. If people see it differently then that’s fine.


How’s an image of Wonder Woman literally carrying incapicated Batman and Superman a positive celebration of her success???


That’s a good point.
It’s definitely painting one side in the negative.


Let’s not let this get too heated over what was probably a throwaway quip. It’s just movies. :wink:


Batman and Wonder Woman both look like they’re in Rebirth costumes to me.


See above.

The idea is clearly Wonder Woman outperforming Batman and Superman in the eyes of the audience.

So yes, obviously you can take from that the negative aspects if you choose to. But the vast majority of the reaction to Wonder Woman that I’ve seen has been a positive celebration of the movie’s success, and so I took the meme in that spirit. It has surprised people by how good it was, and people feel positive about it (and more positive about DC movies overall).

I haven’t seen many people using the Wonder Woman movie or the meme as an excuse to denigrate the previous DC movies, but I guess you could take that view if you wanted to. Maybe I’m just hanging out in the wrong places online.

Regardless though, hopefully we’ve not reached the point yet where a celebration that a DC movie is their best yet is going to be treated as a de facto attack on previous DC movies.

I was one of those people who thought Man of Steel and BvS were both ok movies with good points and bad points, and I don’t really have strong feelings on the DC movies one way or another. It’s going to become tiresome though if their future films can’t be discussed without this negative context hanging over them, perpetuated by both people that want to constantly attack those movies and people who want to fervently defend them.

I guess I just feel like it’s time to move on.