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Wonder Woman is a better Superman movie than we’ve gotten the last few years.


Yeah me too… JW is a good ideas man, and a good writer at times, but his directing skills leave a lot to be desired, tbh. Avengers was kind of a fluke for him, and then again, I think we all loved it 'cause it was the very first time we saw that… I wonder what would people say about it today, since the first half is quite disjointed and badly written (and quite boring too). But seeing for the first time, that final act in the movies… yeah… that was special.

I do agree that It’d be nice to see a Snyder/Whedon colaboration at some point. That could end up being really awesome. Or hey, maybe JL will be it… who knows… I could do with an awesome JL movie :smile:


Whedon is a terrific director, in my opinion. Not the greatest visual stylist but one of the best with actors that we’ve got.


I find hard to even call avengers a fluke

It was an astoundingly boring movie until the climax.

You might think the same of Snyder’s movies but they don’t really try to be as exciting as Avengers was presenting itself but as.

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I was about to say the same. It may be a bit of a cliche because of his writing skills to ignore it. I think his experience with comics as well helped develop that final scene and the character action hand-offs. Stylistically though he is completely bland, that’s not his thing.

In an ideal world there would be an amazing combination of him and Snyder, each has what the other lacks but the creative process is more complicated than that.


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Marvel Movies & TV General Discussion
Marvel Movies & TV General Discussion

‘Wonder Woman’ Director Patty Jenkins Not Signed for Sequel

A $103.2 million domestic opening usually means a sequel is a no-brainer — but director Patty Jenkins has yet to sign on the dotted line for a Wonder Woman follow-up.

While star Gal Gadot has an option in place for Wonder Woman 2 as part of her overall deal to appear in several DC movies, Warner Bros. executives enlisted Jenkins for just one film, a decision that could end up costing the studio millions of dollars if Jenkins’ reps drive a hard bargain for her to return.

At the time she was hired, Jenkins had directed just one movie, her 2003 feature debut Monster, and she was taking over the long-gestating project from Michelle MacLaren, who left over creative differences. A one-picture-only deal is said to be standard practice at Warner Bros. for directors taking on a big-budget studio film for the first time.

Warners execs also may have been a bit unprepared for the level of success and acclaim Wonder Woman has achieved; initial tracking reports predicted Jenkins’ $150 million-budgeted film would open to about $65 million domestic, solid but hardly a reason to begin planning a long-range strategy. And the studio had been focusing on putting together Justice League Dark, a supernatural team-up project, and Batgirl, a Joss Whedon-helmed film (among other Bat-offerings), as the likely next movies to go into production in the DC Comics universe.


Some insiders say it was only in recent weeks that Wonder Woman buzz began to grow on the Warners lot in Burbank, so the studio wanted to wait for the opening weekend results before initiating any negotiations. This strategy is a shift from the tactic under previous regimes, which got to work on sequels early. Warners famously greenlighted a sequel to The Hangover two months before the first film was released.

Sources say the studio intends to begin negotiations with Jenkins shortly (although the exact timing is unclear), and the filmmaker and her reps at CAA, Anonymous Content and Jackoway Tyerman will enjoy enormous leverage. Jenkins could not only return to the director’s chair on Wonder Woman 2 but also could ink a more expansive deal that would allow her to work with DC Entertainment president and chief creative officer Geoff Johns on a script treatment for that movie and possibly others as well.

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They’d be honestly fools.

I’m not going to make some claim that only she could do it, but I don’t want some older hand here.
Part of the reason I really enjoyed this movie is because it felt like the first steps of someone really trying to get it right. I want to see that perspective on the movie evolve in a sequel,


Good, I hope she gets to bargain for a much bigger paycheck. She deserves it for bring faith back to the DCEU.


I think Warners chose well and they will want to continue the successful collaboration. She’s going to get a hell of a well deserved pay rise, but they’ll make a deal.


I hope she’ll come back for more, as I’m keen to see a sequel in the same vein.


Money doesn’t seem to be an issue with Warners. They’d be nuts to lose this goodwill all of a sudden by not giving her a payday. Imagine the headlines.


Wonder Woman does seem far more well-adjusted than Batman and Superman. Both the male superheroes in the current DC universe are portrayed as quite personally raw individuals. Not exactly damaged but having very deep and vulnerable emotional needs. Superman is exceptionally lonely and self-isolated. Not knowing himself, he wants to find a way to fit in with other people - to find a place to fit in, really, so he can actually become someone. In MAN OF STEEL, he’s not so much a vague character as a desperately undefined one. The whole movie seemed about his struggle to find his character.

In Dawn of Justice, he’s dealing with being misunderstood basically as soon as he discovered a place for himself. Bruce Wayne, on the other hand, is a desperately fearful character. He’s driven to preserve his safety and projects his own fear to the city around him and then to the entire world in his need to stop Superman upon whom he projects all the threats he feels personally.

Wonder Woman doesn’t seem to have any deep, solely personal needs or fears that she’s driven to fulfill in the same way. She seems much more like a classic hero closer, but not exactly, to the mold of Donner’s Superman. That’s an appealing direction for a character, but Snyder’s more emotionally desperate approach for the other iconic DC heroes - while not as appealing - certainly is valid.


I think they’ll offer her a bigger paycheck which she deserves and get her back on board for the sequel. I mean, she directed the first DCEU movie that wasn’t polarizing and both fans and critics actually liked it. It would be wrong of them to pass her up. But if they do pass her up, at least they let her direct a different DCEU movie.

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In numerous statements from her and the producers they’ve said she is currently helping develop the sequel.


That’s great. At least, she’s still involved with the sequel.


For now. She picked up the project from the previous director who left over creative differences, and then there was the Joss Whedon film that never got made…

I want her to make the next one, but that fact that she’s developing it doesn’t mean it can’t go wrong if the negotiations break down.

My feeling (as well as my hope) is that everyone will work hard to avoid that though.


Superman in these movies was positioned as a deconstruction of the character, while Wonder Woman wasn’t. That creates a problem now within the framework of this universe of movies because Wonder Woman is more Superman than well, Superman himself.

Superman is supposed to be the leader of the League but that wouldn’t make sense the way things were done in this universe, since they didn’t build him to be that character in any organic way.


That’s always been iffy, especially Post-Crisis when he wasn’t even a founding member and didn’t join for ages.


More points for me then, Wonder Woman would make more sense in this universe.