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Darwyn Cooke loses fight with cancer


Gutted. Just…gutted. All strength, hope and optimism moving his way.


Very sad news. It has been discussed a little bit here.


It is very sad. He has such a great body of work and he’s still a young man.

My sympathies are with his family. I’ve been through something like with both of my parents. It’s rough.


Sad news indeed. A truly great talent.


That’s fucking terrible news.


Palmiotti broke the news this morning from Cooke’s web site. Dammit, we three were chatting, literally, yesterday.

I’ve seen miracle cures before. Hope Darwyn gets one!



I’m 19, growing up I would watch the New Frontier so much, it was a movie that made me like The Flash and many other characters from Superman to Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter. It represented the beauty behind the Silver Age of comics.

It’s good to know he’s connected to the movie a fair bit.

Many people I know suffered from Cancer and if I recall even Bowie did too.

Hopefully he get’s better, he’s a marvel in the age of comics, he bring’s such retro value to comic as a medium.


This has been popping up in my social media feeds today and it really doesn’t look good at all. I’m sending positive thoughts his way, in addition to his incredible talent and what a loss he’d be to the industry, he seems like a great person.


So many creators from Francais Manapul and Gail Simone are giving there best stories about him, it’s really great.


Awful, horrible, news. I’m hoping for the best.


Word is now trickling through social media that he has passed on.

What a terrible day for comics. Thank you for all the great books, Darwyn.



That is not right.


So sad, a modern great of the medium.



Wonderful, unmistakeable artist


This is really awful and unexpected news. My thought are with his family and those that knew him. This is a devastating loss to the world of comics, to me he was one of the very best that there will ever be. As an artist and as a person, he was a unique and rare example of the best that comics and the culture surrounding them can be. Fuck cancer.


And he had plans for a series at Image - titled Revengeance.

Sadly, it’s now only available in Lucien’s library.


Can a mod change the thread title?


Do we have any confirmation he’s passed on? I have seen comments on Twitter but am loathe to change it based on that.


Sadly, social media looks to be right:

54!? No way.


Such a great artistic voice gone. Rest easy, Darwyn.