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Dark Horse Submission Question

Hello all,

I am preparing to submit a story/series proposal to Dark Horse and was wondering if anyone here would be able to answer a question.

Essentially the guidelines for the submission states that six consecutive pages of art is required…my question is does that mean full color/inks/letters? I’ve got the artist locked in just trying to budget the rest of the equation.

Thanks for any help!

I spoke with a Dark Horse editor last year and his request was for completed pages as in ready to print.
It doesn’t have to be the first 5 pages of the story but it should be consecutive.


Yep. That’s standard practice for almost any submission. Pages should be done, and as professionally as possible at every level.


awesome, thanks guys.

One more quick thing. This is a looooong process. It is possible the pitch could sit in their stack for several months and even then if it’s picked could be another 12 months before it’s published. A local creator has been waiting about 2 years to have a completed project see print so be patient and good luck.

Thanks Mark, I appreciate it!

Is there a certain etiquette regarding submissions? ie not submitting the same story to different publishers? I don’t know if I can afford to wait months and months with the investment I am putting into the demo pages…