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Daredevil - Netflix Season 3 Discussion


Wouldn’t it be a bigger problem for justice if he was a great lawyer? I mean, in the sense that obviously, he wants to see the guilty punished and isn’t as concerned about the innocent being proven innocent.

But yeah, I still think they missed a huge beat by not making him a great lawyer and Boston Legal-ling the shit out of the courtroom scenes.


Long story short; Friday 19th October.




Cool origin. I like it.


Season 3 tomorrow, and the reviews so far are decent.


Two episodes in and very much enjoying it. The show seems to have reverted back to season one in a good way.



Uh, because a building fell on his head?? I mean, I’m no doctor…


To be fair, it does say “if you didn’t watch Defenders”


Huh, I thought you were the Doctor of Sexy Party Time…


Just finished episode 4, it amused me greatly when Foggy talked about wanting to put Fisk in the deepest, darkest hole the 8th amendment would allow, given the Irish context.


That prison escape scene was great.


Finished it off earlier, I really enjoyed it.

The pacing worked much better here, even moreso than series 2, and it did so while sticking to one broad storyline as well. The new characters work very well, Ray was written in such a way that for a big chunk of the first half of the story I wasn’t sure if he’d cut a deal with the Kingpin (beyond what we saw on-screen) in episode 1, and Bullseye was a fantastic antagonist. I especially enjoyed the bits where they played around with timing - the scenes showing the FBI raiding Matt’s apartment before we see him return to it, and the similar sequence later when we see the kill order twice.

The real standout is Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page though. She has a fantastic nervous energy as Karen’s actions get more and more desperate, and her flashback episode worked really well in terms of her anger and frustration at her home life.

If anything, the conclusion is a bit too convenient, and a bit too much of a repeat of the series 1 finale - but it’s a minor complaint I think. Daredevil and the Kingpin’s final fight is far more satisfying and brutal than their one in series 1, which helps balance it out.



clickbaiting pay-to-read articles is just too much… :smile: Didn’t read what he said, but yeah Affleck did a good job…

Anyways… Finished S3… yeah stronger than S2 overall (although not the first part with the Punisher)… still not as good as S1 but nothing will be.

Not too surpring when your villains are Bullseye and Fisk though, instead of the lamer-by-comparaison Hand organization…

But yeah, they all did a great job… It was very decompressed though, I actually skipped moments here and there, but it was rather solid. I’m disappointed we didn’t get to see Bullseye with his own costume or some version of it, but I guess it’ll happen later.

Also: yay! No Claire… guess we finally got rid of her, thank jeebus!


Man, the hand could and should have been so great. They should’ve built up slowly to it, having it creep into the background of the stories, and taking their time to build its mythology. They messed up that one so badly. As they did Elektra.


Yeah, I guess they did mess up a bit with that whole thing… I mean, it wasn’t horrible, but the Hand itself is not a villain, and Nabu or whatever his name was didn’t cut it as a good representation… I mean, I guess they had to do some leg work before Defenders, but sure, it could’ve been done better… but hey, hindsight’s always 20/20…

Overall DD has been solid through and through, let’s hope we get a 4th season with more cameos and with good villains… I mean, obviously we’ll have Bullseye next time around but I hope they’ll use him properly and also use another big name villain… maybe the Owl (would be a good fit for the series) or the Rose or someone like that.


Didn’t they kill the Owl in season one?


Yes, but that never stopped a supervillain for long.