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Daredevil - Netflix Season 3 Discussion


Starts this Friday.

People are going to be watching at different paces, so if you want to discuss spoilery stuff, make it clear what episodes you’ve seen, and use SPOILER tags. [spoiler][/spoiler ]


Did they buy some light bulbs? Am I going to have to tweak the brightness again to see any details?


I’ve seen the first seven episodes of season 2…LOVED IT!


I can’t wait for it. I loved season 1.


Man! I can’t believe they [/spoiler} brought in the much loved 90s armoured Daredevil! And the Spot as the main villain!! [spoiler]

Okay, I just playing :slight_smile:


That already happened at the end of season one.


… Did they Dave?



I wish… I loved that costume :smile:

Yes, I’m the one fan… u_u


I started the new season of House of Cards yesterday so trying to finish it before this drops as I know I’ll abandon everything else to sit through it all.


I want to watch this to see how they use the Punisher, Elektra and the Hand. But I don’t want to sit through another padded out season. I think I quit season one around mid episode nine and just went straight to the last half hour of the season finale and don’t feel I missed a thing.


I dunno - I remember feeling it dragged in Episode 10 which was about the Matt/Foggy conflict, but there were a few key developments in the last couple of episodes, which I thought were some of the best of the series.

All in all, though, I think I mostly agree with everyone here - that releasing the whole of a series for it to binge watched probably makes more sense for about 10 episodes, rather than 13.


You think the developers know that the general consensus is that the shows are good, but by reducing their 10 eps they could be great?

I also think the episodes are too long.

I watched episode 3 of Jessica Jones with my wife last night and while I enjoyed it, I spent about half the time playing about with my phone - as did my wife (breaking our no phones rule).


I think they probably do, but everyone including Netflix makes more money from 13 rather than 10, so I doubt we’re going to see it change unless people on mass stop finishing or skipping parts of the series (like Will)


I actually like long episodes. Although Jessica Jones was sometimes very slow. Specially the first episodes.

If it was me they should increase the 13 episodes to 15 or even 22. :smiley:


What, to pad it out even further?


We just have an internet generation attention span.


so that I have more to watch. I love binge watching shows. Specially with lots of seasons and episodes.


Why stop there!

100 episodes a year of Jessica Jones! Movie-length! At least 50 would be her moodily walking down a street or having snarky conversations with her neighbours!


Add in 25 of her catching the Purple Man and 25 of him escaping and you’re there.


I agree. There was a slight sag somewhere in the middle but the last run of episodes were pretty good. I found it pretty compelling throughout - a world away from Jessica Jones. And having so many elements in the mix for this second series (Elektra, Punisher, the Hand, Stick, and the ongoing relationship complications with Karen and Foggy) make me hopeful that there will be plenty of stuff to keep season two interesting.