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Daredevil (Netflix) discussion


So tomorrow is the big day, and I thought we could use a dedicated thread to discuss it so as not to bog down the other Marvel TV and Movie threads.

I’m really looking forward to it - although much as I’d like to binge-watch it all in one weekend, it’s probably going to take me a little longer to get through it than that.

Given that we’re all probably going to be watching it at slightly different speeds, it’s probably best if we keep spoilers tagged for now.

Can’t wait! It’s one of my favourite characters and I hope the show does it justice.



I haven’t given a damn about either of Marvel TV shows but I’m hoping Daredevil is good. I’ll give it a couple of episodes (same as I gave AoSHIELD) before making any calls.


Anyone read when it will be going online? Netflix usually put their stuff up in the middle of the night.


I read somewhere that it would be the middle of the night in the US, so presumably late morning here? I’m struggling to find that confirmation again now though.


Also, overnight it seems that a low-res image showing a later evolution of Matt’s costume has leaked. I can’t spoiler-tag pictures here in the same way as the old board, so I’ll just link to CBR’s story for those that are curious.


It is interesting with full series release and binge watching, I heard Kevin Spacey interviewed with regard to House of Cards when spoilers can be allowed in that scenario and he said ‘never’. That’s the new setup.

So in this thread, since very few people have the capacity to view 13 hours in a day but some will, please make use of the spoiler feature when discussing the plot and not generalities.


I am very slow with TV shows (I just finished Sopranos) and don’t think I will be in this thread much.

I am crossing my fingers and hoping for the best with this TV show but it looks really bad to me.


T - Minus 12 hours.

All episodes should be online at 12:01am.


I’ve actually been surprised by how glowing the advance reviews have been (even on non-comics-oriented sites), as I was expecting something on the level of Agents Of SHIELD (ie. watchable enough but nothing special).

I hope it’s not just hype. A genuinely top-quality adult superhero would be something quite special.


I’m going to wait until it comes up on Marvel Unlimited.


I wasn’t to be honest. US network shows have a lot of time and money pressures on them by nature. The shorter cable and now ‘on demand’ operators have a lot more leeway away from the instant demands of advertisers.

It doesn’t mean they will necessarily be better but the odds are on their side creatively.


Yes, and the fact that they are able to push the boundaries in terms of their ‘rating’ should lend itself well to a show like Daredevil.


The red suit is happening:


Yeah, I wonder whether they always intended to reveal it before the series launched or whether they just wanted to get ahead of the leak.

A shame it couldn’t be kept secret until the series aired, but they did pretty well to conceal it for this long.


They were certainly under a lot of pressure to confirm it. Many people must have held their tongues when everyone and his aunt was speculating whether that was just the Man Without Fear suit at the start or the finished article.


Cox had already talked about the red suit in interviews so the cat was already out of the bag to that extent. I just thought they would avoid showing it before tomorrow.


I don’t watch a lot of TV but I plan on giving this a shot.


Was wondering why none was talking about this reveal xD

Well, I’m not a fan of that little animation… looks very… uhm weird… So I’ll just wait to see it properly in the series. I don’t think we’ll see much of it though, this seems to be a tale of how Matt becomes the red-suited DD, so I always expected them to just show it at the very end, as a sort of teaser for next season.

Ahh I can’t wait for this to come out… is it being released tomorrow (friday)?


Yes I also suspect it will be at the end.