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Daniel Bruhl Confirmed for Civil War movie


is he playing Baron Zemo?


This is going to be one packed movie. I can’t wait to see how they bring it all together.


‘Winter Soldier’ did a great job balancing the action with the politics, the ‘Civil War’ idea is a great opportunity to do that again, but more so.

If he is Zemo, it’ll be interesting to see how they use him?


I had assumed Miriam Sharpe…


Bruhl is a fantastic actor. Did anyone see “Rush” with Thor? It was a film about James Hunt and Nikki Lauda.

An excellent film and one of the best from a few years ago.


I did, it was much better than I expected. Not being a fan of racing I only knew the absolute basics of the real story, so a lot of the events in the film surprised me and Bruhl was very good.


Rush was amazing. Likely the best film I saw that year. I was just going to say how much I loved Bruhl in that but you beat me to the punch. Both actors fit their roles perfectly.


Brühl’s a local boy; it’s fun to see him make such a huge international career. I have yet to see Rush, but he was very good in a lot of German films and TV productions.


Rush is amazing. One of my fave films in the year it was out and Bruhl is fantastic as Lauder.



And now Martin Freeman joins the cast also…

Who will he be playing?