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Dan Abnett.....and me signing tomorrow


Sorry it’s short notice, but I’m doing a "signing
" at a Christmas event tomorrow in Kent.
So, if you are about, come and say hi!
Plus, DAN ABNETT is there and he is a HUGE talent…I may hug him…when he isn’t looking.


tell uncle Dan I said hi.


Second billing after Dan Abnett? This Garvey lad is going places!


I would, but I know he hasn’t wanted to speak to you since you got drunk and got all lippy with him! :joy:


your right.
To soon.


Yeah, Kent! :joy:


It was probably a simple design choice.


That deserves a Cymbal crash

Edit: And nice to see you in such illustrious company…


I seriously hate you. :joy:


How hard I’ve been working this year, I’d say it is more like this!


I cant wait that day we actually meet say hi to each other and have an awkward silence then piss ourselves laughing.


Mate, it’ll be a smile, a laugh and a big hug, we both know that.


And drinks. Lotsa drinks


But a hug that will last just a little too long to be comfortable…although that probably goes without saying :wink:


“Show me on the doll where @mattgarvey1981 touched you”


I’d be drinking until it all makes sense



So I anyone doesn’t know Matt, and was thinking about dropping into the signing tomorrow, we should probably immediately quash any rumours about him touching people inappropriately and focus on the wonderful comics that he has done.

There is really no evidence to support any theory that he is the pervy Uncle type…No evidence whatsoever…I mean who would believe something they read on the internet… :smirk:



“Insert Holy Spirit here”? A euphemism if ever I heard one :wink: