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Damn it 2016: Glenn Frey RIP


Yup. Continuing 2016’s trend of basically instituting some kind of rapture for cultural icons only, Glenn Frey of the Eagles has joined the ranks of the recently departed.

RIP dude. If there is an afterlife, the 2016 version is going to have an awesome playlist.



Lest we forget, he was also the man who showed Cuba Gooding Jnr the money.

Another sad loss. These things are only supposed to come in threes.


Listening the radio this morning they played Take it Easy just after the 6:30 news…They played The Heat is On just about 6:50. At that point I figured that either the playlist had changed radically or Glen Frey had died.

You wrote (or co-wrote) Desperado. You were brilliant in the Miami Vice episode you did. RIP Glen Frey.


Another great talent gone.