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Damn Butterflies! - Chrononauts Fan Art



Welcome, Steven! And do come back and post daily!

That’s downright tasty!


That is fantastic! The details in your art are fantastic.


Thanks! I don’t generally do a lot detail-y kind of stuff (its time consuming) or itty bitty cross hatching, so the background was kind of an exercise in getting better at that.

Miqque- I’m around daily, I just don’t post a whole lot! (Especially when doing itty-bitty cross hatching.)


Coloured the pic. Got to the point where I’m just fiddling with it instead of making it better. So against my better judgement, I’ll just post it and move along.


That looks great. The colour really makes it pop.


Really enjoyed seeing both of these. Great work, thanks for posting.


Fantastic job! It looks great.


Am such a fan…love this!!