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CW developing Hawkgirl TV series


On the one hand, I get a little nervous when I see so many superheroes being inexpensively made by the likes of Not Singer, Not Raimi, Not Matthew Vaughn, etc, and the TV stuff has been much, much more uneven than the movie adaptations as a result. The cost for a 14 hours of Spider-Man for example in cinematic terms would be around 1.8 billion dollars whereas even a big a TV show is costing around 5% of this for a season.

THAT SAID, this is one of those unexpected names and really interesting. I like the look of the actress too and feel this could be worth checking out. DD was fantastic (perhaps because it avoided networks) but I caught an episode of The Flash on a plane last week and it’s nowhere near as bad as you think. If I was 8 years old this would be one of my fave shows like the Hulk or TV Spidey back in the day:


And if that isn’t a quote for the DVD cover, nothing is.

Honestly, I quite like The Flash. It embraces the whole silliness of the superhero genre, as well as the soap opera element. They even managed to give The Flash a high forehead in his cowl, just like in the Silver age…After a lot of movies and shows about how tough it is to be a superhero, it is nice to see one that’s a bit fun.

Plus it has an episode with Gorilla Grodd in it…Yes, ladies and gentlemen - an episode of a network television programme featuring an evil, telepathic, talking gorilla. Just to think that there is a section of the population who are watching cop shows or Coronation Street or whatever, who will never know the joy of their heroes being menaced by an Evil, telepathic Gorilla. :smiley:


Hawkgirl really makes sense as the third for the DCTVU’s replacement trinity. You’ve got Flash doing the fun, bright, slightly silly science-fictiony stories in a nice city (ala Superman), Arrow doing moody, crime-heavy stories mostly set at night in a irredeemably corrupt city (Batman) and now Hawkgirl as, presumably, a super-powered Other with ties to mythology and ancient civilisations (Wonder Woman).


Yeah, Flash is just brilliant; it’s the only TV show I watch. I get that it’s silly and corny, but as you say that’s a reflection of how true to its comic book roots it is. Given that sometimes after I’ve watched an episode I go pick up some of MM’s Flash (co) written issues, I’m glad to hear he likes it.


I thoroughly dislike Flash and Arrow.
Which is shocking and somewhat sad for me because they are my favorite characters.
I just don’t trust Guggenheim and co.
It “embraces” silliness, sure.
But also horrendous writing.
Not looking forward to this one bit.


Contrary to Mr. Punk, I’m a huge fan of cape TV, Flash on top. Satisfies like a good meal!

Want bad cape TV? Look at some of the crap that came out after West’s Batman hit big. “Mr. Terrific”, for example. Other lasted one or two shows. Yeah, that used to happen. There was a show that was supposed to be like Laugh-In and follow it. It went 34 minutes. It got pulled off the air mid-show. Never saw (nor heard of) anything like it before or since. I saw it. Here’s the thing: I’ve seen much worse. Can’t watch sitcoms any more (except Big Bang). For a while I don’t want any more CSI, NCIS, Homicide, or other weirdness that always seems to feature a gorgeous forensic expert. That just doesn’t happen in reality. Never liked ‘reality’ shows, unless they were real competitions. Pretty much I’m with the cape shows, whatever Gordon Ramsey is up to (love Masterchef Junior), Jeopardy! and the late-night chat shows.

It was really fun to watch Flash and Arrow this season with all the crossovers. Mark, I think you’re doing yourself a disservice for not plunging in. Maybe during a moderate illness (you have small children, it’ll happen) you could binge-watch. Without commercials, you’d cut watching time by a third!

Gotham was pretty good, but got bogged down a couple of times, mostly with the protracted “Ogre” story line and people behaving in an abruptly different manner in the last episode. Hopefully this will be tightened up a bunch by next season, after the creative team has had time to figure out what worked and what didn’t. Only one problem - needs more Batman.


I thought Hawkgirl was supposed to be part of the “Legends of Tomorrow” show they’re doing. I don’t think she’ll be getting her own show anytime soon based on that fact.


She is, but Legends is only 16 episodes. And this would probably be for the next season, not the upcoming Fall season.