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Crowdsourced projects - Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Pledgemusic, etc


Alex de Campi has a new project up with Jerry Ordway on art.


Jamal Igle has a new project with Khary Randolph and some others:


That look pretty great. Thanks for the share, JR. I backed one of Igle’s former projects and I’ve just started to notice Randolph. Randolph did the design for Brooklyn Brewery’s New York Comic Con beer, Defender IPA.


Naughty by Nature 25th anniversary album.



Our Gramovox Floating Record came today. It sounds pretty sweet.

#147 My comic book kickstarter campaign is 75% funded! ARCHIVE The WarHood Odyssey, please pledge if you want to support it, thanks!


Well, I just started mine. Any advices are welcome.


I would recommend doing a video especially since what you’re trying to fund is a film project.


Gonna do one tonight. :slight_smile:


I reckon having a few more reward tiers would be an idea. Range from a dollar donation up a higher value “producer” credit reward.

More detail in the description too. Justify the €5k. Show how it will be broken down and spent.

Also, you need to get out there and post it everywhere on the Internet. Tweet people, share it with Facebook groups / pages. It’s not enough to just launch it and sit back and wait to see what happens.


This is kind of cool.


Was thinking of adding the rewards as we go. Or should i just put more from the start?

The campaign will be launched tomorrow.:blush:

I was thinking more details were lacking. More about the documentary, what we will cover. You know topics such as how we are following the event until the mainnone in oktober, how they select the guests,… and of coursebwhat theb5k are for.


Im my opinion you want to give as many different options as possible as soon as possible. Just my opinion mind you, I don’t know how others feel about that.


All the advice is welcome. I mean it is my first time trying this way of funding and i really want to do this documentary. So all advices are welcome.

Even possible stuff you would like to see in a documentary about a convention

I really want to make something that not only is interesting for the people in Europe but that can be watched everywhere.


Your campaign is already showing that it’s live.


I know. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to share it with people to ask for opinions.

Campaign will last 15 days. I added an extra day so that I could show it privately around to a few people.

Ronnie any advice is welcome! You seem to have a lot of kickstarter experience.

I’m still wondering what I could give as an extra reward. Any advices?


added more details in the description and about me.


Oh I see. I apologize for misunderstanding.

I’ve backed several but never ran one. @Bruce’s advice is really good. Your bread and butter should be the thing you’re making. You have that. T-shirts and stuff like that will help add to your bottom line but be careful not to get too many things in play and keep an eye on shipping costs especially international. It’s also good, like Bruce said, to have a halo donor option at a high amount. $10,000 is the max in USD. I don’t know what it is in Euros. It’s good to get a good number pledge levels out there as quick as possible and maybe add special items as you go. While the project is running, it can be a full time job. So pimp it hard. :wink:


what’s a halo donor option?