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I very rarely back Kickstarter projects anymore but I’m backing this on the basis of the previous two books in the series (which were really good) and the fact that US and UK pledges are being sent out by the project creators in those respective countries (thus saving backers om paying additional P&P).

An anthology of comics inspired by Asian folktales, drawn by many amazing indie comic artists!


Bruce - I truncated your url (removed the http) to prevent it from autoplaying. For some reason it does it for some people and not others. Not sure why.


Cheers @RonnieM. It didn’t autoplay for me so I figures it’d be fine.


I did the same thing and solicited feedback not too long ago. Some people said the videos were still autoplaying for them. I’m not sure what the difference is between users.


The campaign looks grim, but I really want to see this one succeed.


Oft! Half a million dollars? Fifty bucks for for a lanyard? Can’t see that happening…


Wow. The production value on that video is pretty awful. They strung together a bunch of pre-existing footage and used an voice program for the narration. With film and video projects, I especially expect a decent pitch video. I wouldn’t support a novice project who showed that little ability much less seasoned veterans.


I got the Skies of Fire books, with a sweet poster/print. They were in the MCM comic con in Dublin during August. It is a very well crafted book. :smile:


Thought I should give a shout out to B. Clay Moore’s Kickstarter here.

He even popped in to Millarworld to promote it.

I picked up one of his previous campaigns, Bad Karma, and it was one of the best ran campaigns all the way through delivery that I’ve backed.


Super Science Friends: Episode 1 from Tinman Creative Studios on Vimeo.


This is from a friend who is helping with this project, wonderfully silly:


Ha, though I slightly suspect that this Kickstarter campaign is a trap.


There’s a campaign to make a feature film of the old animated game, ‘Dragon’s Lair’ and they just raised $250k to make a short version as a pitch for the movie.

The movie will cost $70m.


They had a Kickstarter up earlier. I took a look at it but their ask was a bit high for a lot of the pledge levels.


I agree, I’d love a t-shirt, but they are expensive.


Not a comic;

Farm your own “crunchy”, edible insects in a desktop hive!


I seriously considered backing that, however the pledges that include the unit are much more than I could afford. Even though it would probably save me a lot if money in the long run.


One of my fellow posters at the Hudlin Entertainment Forums has a project:


That looks pretty good. I especially like the way he introduces the creative team for the book.


A webcomic I’ve recently discovered: