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My friend Simon Kercz has a Kickstarter up for his comic Cocaine Disco with writer Spencer Desmond. From the KS: “Cocaine Disco is a independent crime noir comic about an aging hitman and his boss’s cokehead son on a 3 day odyssey through the criminal underworld of 1970s Las Vegas, and it’s all inspired by grindhouse and exploitation cinema.”


I’ve just backed the new album by Russian chamber prog (yes, that is a genre :stuck_out_tongue: ) group I Am The Morning:

I like the way they are honest enough to say they’re doing it because they are massively in debt after their last album. But I hope they’re right that they’ve done their sums right this time :confused:


@Lorcan_Nagle - Have you seen this one? Looks fun. It’s also funding like crazy.


I just backed it! I’m a big fan of BattleTech, it was the first tabletop game I got into (and I still play it almost every week)


I used to play the tabletop back in high school. It was a lot of fun.


I’m sorely tempted to switch up to the $50 pledge level to get the Stackpole fiction. I loved his BT novels back in the day (still have them all too).

Also, if you’re interested, the Quick-start rules for the new iteration of the BattleTech tabletop game, Alpha Strike. It’s simplified from full BattleTech but maintains the idiom of the setting quite well. (Full BT is also still being published, of course, with very few changes from the original edition):


I don’t really have anyone to play with honestly. I don’t have many geeky friends of that nature in my new local. It’s one of the reasons I’m not as attached to my LCS here.


Hey everyone! Okay, I’ve not been here in a loooooong time but yeah, been busy with my Lloyd and the Bear [Lloyd and the Bear][1] work. How you all doing?

I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve started a Kickstarter Project to get the first volume of Lloyd and the Bear published in trade format and will collect issues #1 - 4 of the comic along with a whole load of extras!

You can check the [Kickstarter Project here][1] and follow Lloyd and the Bear on both Twitter and Facebook

If you like what we’re doing and able to donate that would be awesome!

So… anyone else looking forward to the release of Batman vs Superman?


I thought that was you and almost posted it with a, “Hey, didn’t this guy used to post here?” Good luck. :wink:


Hah! Yeah, that’s me. Anytime I’m in front of a PC it’s doing the day job or doing my artwork!



Cory Hamscher has a new comic Kickstarter out! Looks pretty sweet, only needs 2000 dollars for it to succeed! (It’s reached 6000 out of 8000 Dollars so far!).


Hmm. My concern with that one is it is only for the first issue I’m what is described as a mini-series.

Usually these campaigns are for done-in-one graphic novels or similar. Seems a bit strange to stump up for one issue, what happens when they want to do issue #2?


Now even the less fortunate can have freckles too. :wink:

Full disclosure: I have and am a big fan of freckles but find faking a natural look very weird. :wink:


I think I’ve upsets Kickstarter creator. Not upset as in angry but upset as in sad. Oops. A couple of tweets enquiring about the status of the 15 month late books seems to have spurred him in to post a fairly miserable sounding update (the word “ashamed” was actually used in it). On one hand I feel a bit guilty about this. One the other though, the book is rather late.

Edit to add: I was polite in my tweets, didn’t miscall the guy or get pissy about the lateness.


You monster.

I don’t like projects being late but I don’t mind it as much if the creator communicates. Neither is the end of the world but someone who just completely ignores backers comes off poorly.


Of the four outstanding KS projects I’m waiting for there one that’s 20 months late and another that’s 17 late and I’m not too fussed as the creators have been up front with delays. There’s not been monthly updates but as soon as something has happened or circumstances have changed there’s been an update. What I can’t really abide is the spinning for time tactic of claiming “I’ll be ordering books soon” or the frankly annoying “I’m going to this con wooooo!” post.


I have one project that funded back in February of 2011. The creator has only updated about every 18 months. I think it might be dead after the last one. It was a call for suggestions in launching another Kickstarter to finish funding the project.

I have a couple that are are about 2 years late, a couple that are about 1 1/2 years late and one that’s about a year late. I’m less bothered by the ones that update about every 2 months.


I guess I’ve been lucky, everything I’ve backed that successfully funded has delivered on time and been exactly as promised. But I’ve only really backed a handful of things. It is a slight concern that I could be giving money for nothing, which is partly why I don’t go searching for cool-looking random things to back. I try to stick to things where I have a reasonable knowledge of the people involved and confidence in their track record.

Actually the band I just backed got some bad word-of-mouth because their last kickstarted album (which I didn’t back) delivered months late. But they admitted they had grossly underestimated the cost and were struggling to deliver on the money they had raised, and set out a detailed now-we-know-better costing breakdown for the new album in this new campaign, so I feet pretty confident.


I try to do my due diligence and only back projects that I think have their stuff together. However, the one from 2011 was the first project I ever backed and from a prominent creator. Others are also professionals that I didn’t really expect to not deliver. I think most of them will deliver eventually except for the one from 2011. That one is probably dead.


Ronnie is being diplomatic, it’s Tony Harris he’s talking about. :smile: