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They had started doing autoplay directly on their website. I sent a message (along with several other people likely) and it stopped shortly after. I really hate autoplay on just about anything.


Rebuilding a chip shop (or the euro-style/New York version in this case) by pressilng the chips/fries on a crowdfunding website.


How much love is there out there for old school slasher films? Is there $325,000 worth?


The link is invalid. But apart from that, the answer is probably no.


John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake are Kickstarting a graphic novel.


Backing it as soon as I get home and find my kickstarter login details :smile:


So it cost me an additional $30 but I have my copy of Mob Town. Shame the project went belly-up but at least backers got the physical product (as long as they were willing to pay additional shipping) unlike the backers of some of the later 5th Street Games projects who will see nothing.


This is into its last 2 days and still almost 10% short of its funding so my hopes are not high :sob:

The art they have released looks fantastic, and the fact that so much of it appears to be finished gives me hope that it might still appear in some form.


There’s usually a surge at the end and they only have $2,000 to go. I think it’ll make it.


You can breathe easy @davidm. The last 48 hours see a surge as that’s when Kickstarter send out reminer emails to interested parties who are “watching” the campaign and that seems to be exactly what’s happened here - target met with 42 hours to spare.


You guys are right. the project funded :smile:

And thanks to the mod who fixed my post. It was actually crashing my browser when I tried to edit it. I hate Kickstarter links :angry:


It was our pal Ronnie that fixed the auto play, I would have done it myself but couldn’t figure out how!


Ronnie has decoupled the http:// from the www. so that the board doesn’t auto-convert the link. It’s how he fixed a spoilery image that I wanted to link to (but not display) the other day.


The Thunderbirds Kickstarter @davidm posted above made the BBC website:


Exploding Kittens arrived this morning. Just opened it and had a couple games. There has been excessive swearing already!


Very cool. Mine should be on its way.

Edit: Just checked my email. Mine is on its way.


Was super surprised it turned up. Was left going “WTF is this?” when the postie handed it over. I think this might be the first of the mega huge Kickstarter project I’ve backed that has arrived on time (in fact, maybe the first one that’s arrived on time ever).


They sent out an update yesterday that made originally made it sound like they were going to be late and then ended with they were shipping now.


Amazing Batman artist Norm Breyfogle suffered a stroke last December. There is an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for him, and also get one of his more obscure works reprinted.