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OMG :open_mouth:


Check out the Kickstarter for my new comic Astrobiology!

It’s about a scientist and a soldier exploring alien worlds for new forms of life.

It’s written by me, Seth Jacob, and it’s got art by Tyrell Cannon (he did covers for Kick Ass and Hit Girl), and colors by Daniel Irizarri. We’ve got a lot of rewards, including original art by established comics pros like Sloane Leong, Grim Wilkins, and Artyom Trakhanov.

You can check out the cover and first 7 pages at the link, as well as a video of me getting into more detail about the book.


First time I’ve done anything like this.
I went for the Deluxe Hardcover (signed).

Mature Warning: Ballpoint Beauties contains a lot of nudity. We think the book is tasteful, but nevertheless you may want to use your discretion if you are gifting this book to anybody under 18.




EDIT: updated to let you know that after hitting their first 3 stretch goals (2 Gatefolds, French Flaps, 16 extra pages) they’ve announced the next 3 goals.
I think with a little Millarworld help I’ll get a slipcase.

Stretch Goal #4 – Postcard Set Upgrade! If we hit $175K we will add two more postcards to the free bonus postcard set. Instead of 5 postcards you will get a set of 7. Also, we will increase the size from 4 x 5" to 5 x 7"! All pledges of $20 or more receive this bonus item.

Stretch Goal #5 – Deluxe Edition Slipcase! If we hit $190K we will add a slipcase to the Ballpoint Beauties deluxe signed book ($45 tier book)!

Stretch Goal #6 – Signed Envelope for Postcard Set! If we hit $200K we will add a special envelope to hold the bonus postcard set and Frank will sign the envelope. This would get everyone a Frank Cho autograph who pledges $20 or more.

Thanks again everyone. We hope that we can hit these goals and provide these cool new options for you.


This might interest a few people here. Sketchbook of artwork of 80s cartoon characters. Not by a name artist, but some nice pieces in the previews.


I accidentally hit LAUNCH for my own project :slight_smile: so I guess I need to make note on this as well here :slight_smile:

I have spent many years developing my dream project and I do want to stress (this mixup happened a lot on social media) that this project might have sexy covers, but the stories are PG and no XXX anywhere!

PITCH: For several centuries the ancient Order of Justice has lain dormant, but the magical power of the Justice Gems has been released during an Egyptian archeological dig – now, all over the world, the mummified Priestesses of Justice are coming back to life. As supernatural evils threaten human society through the following decades, the Sisterhood will be there to guard and protect.

STRETCH GOALS UNLOCKED: 8 so far are unlocked, including a Cosplay Cover, stickers, trading cards, postcards and more!

For this project I am working with writer Kruithof (a Dutchie) and artist Diego Magno Loiola ( Brazil ) and colorist Kevin Enhart (France).

I have the privilege of having a Regular Cover (by Brazilian artist Yonami Teles) and a Variant Cover (by Eric “Ebas” Basaldua) as well as special prints (paper, canvas, metal, glass and wood!!) by local artists like Marlon, Cain and Enhart but also with noted names like Greg Capullo, Budd Root, Adam Brown and Juan Jose Ryp!!!

I have currently 2 more issues almost finished, another issue halfway finished and 6 more already written! So come on and join in on the fun :slight_smile:


So random I might have to do this one ha!


Didn’t this start Clint magazine?


The creator, @montynero, at least used to be a regular poster here. Seems like it’s been a while since I’ve seen him around.


I pledged to this project and it’s a year late, so far, but I just watched a preview cut of the documentary and I liked it a lot;



It’s a new six issue arc that continues the story of Verity and Weasel and two new characters, Jeb and Roots, getting deep into they mystery behind the virus and how their lives are entwined. The current issue is THE PLACE TO JUMP on because Jeb is coming to this new, infiltrating a G-plus facility on a remote Scottish island, and finding out all kinds of awesomely weird shit that is going to blow everyone’s minds over the next two issues. Consequently, we are selling a lot of STORY SO FAR editions to new readers.

Keep meaning to post on here but just so busy with Death Sentence, Hollow Monsters and my new series Frenemies (out early 2019) plus I do a bit of academic work on comics and you know, KIDS, those little douchebags, with their constant displays of affection and wanting to DO STUFF together. Give me strength. :wink:

Consequently, I’ve not been able to paint the Death Sentence cover for the first time ever, and had to rely on some schlub called Ben Oliver who

did an okay job I suppose/
killed it like Kim K killed the internet*

*Delete as applicable.

And for new readers let’s not forget this is the series the chief called “Brilliantly original…my fave superhero comic of the last two years” returning in all its naked god given glory right here Hallelujah!




Almost over and done :slight_smile:

Tomorrow I am going to arrange a Cosplay Cover shoot!

And here are some new interior pages colored



Dethlehem’s 4th Album - Maelstrom of the Emerald Dragon, via @Kickstarter


since I added the “second chance” via Indemand at Indiegogo as well as launched a mini-project in celebration of the MAKE 100 Kickstarter celebration, the ticker kept on ticking and just got over the 9.000 euro threshold so now everyone will get the free METAL COSPLAY TRADING CARD as well !!


PledgeMusic appears to be in trouble.

I’d assumed that if I pledged to a creator on these platforms, the money was channeled somehow directly to the creator (minus the platform charges). But it appears that the money goes into the platform’s bank account, and they can then do what they want with it, which might not include giving it to the creator. This mechanism is a bit obvious, with hindsight, because how else is the money going to flow? But I was still surprised by it, having not really thought about it before.

This case obviously isn’t going to affect anyone funding comics (the clue is in the name :wink: ), but it’s a bit surprising that it could happen, and I’m not sure if it can happen on other platforms, too.


For you artists type. The blackest black paint in the world! Black 3.0, via @Kickstarter