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The Edge Off, via @Kickstarter

Here’s the link to the Kickstarter with Vin’s variant for anyone that’s interested.





A feature length, one-person scifi movie. It could be good, its certainly ambitious, but also realistic in it’s goals.


From Brian Pulido, the creator of Lady Death comes, La Muerta!



Unsure about this. I don’t generally go for humour books, but, Cthulu…


New Shadowrun board game:

The last couple of Shadowrun-skinned games Catalyst have put out have been great, highly tempted to buy in to get the exclusive co-op expansion.


Some big names here…


I never read Aztec Ace back in the day, but reading this page was enough to make me want to!

Already funded and only a few days left to run, so jump on quick!



Some of my buddies successfully funded a range of action figures last year - The Unrustables.

They are branching out into a 6 issue comic book series and looking for funding.And they’ve roped in good old Geoff Senior for variant covers! $5 gets you a digital copy of the first issue, $10 gets you a physical copy and the Geoff variant for the first issue.



Robots on transforming motorcycles?


I know.

They raised $84k for the action figures.



This looks rad!


This has just gone live, with some very limited early-earlybird offers:

If it lives up to everything I’ve heard about it, it’s going to be worth getting. (Full disclosure: I know the guy who’s done the art restoration work.)