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Crowdsourced projects - Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Pledgemusic, etc


Ditta has a Kickstarter, with Elliot Balson:


Well, gosh. I’ve never been the first person to back a project on Kickstarter before :open_mouth:


I’d swore against doing a Kickstarter again - but Clouds Harp Quartet summer tour?!?

Hold me back!!!


Suspects Chris is being sarcastic :unamused:

I think they’ll struggle to fund it, to be honest. The audience for their gigs has never been massive, and the demographic is … well, the sort of people who probably don’t even know what Kickstarter is :expressionless:

For me it’s win-win, because the reward level is a ticket to a gig of my choice – which I would have bought even if they sold through normal channels rather than Kickstarter. But I don’t see this working for them at all.


They may do better if they use Pledgemusic. A lot of the bands I like are using that, it’s a dedicated music platform so it’s easier for people to check out other bands than it is on kickstarter.

Of course, how they advertise whatever platform they are using is just as important, as well as knowing your audience.


I’ve used Pledgemusic for some of my favourite bands, it seems like a fine platform for that kind of thing.

But yes, as ever, getting the message out to people who might be interested seems like the key part.


I think this is a candidate for post of the year. :wink:



Six more days to go. This isn’t their first Kickstarter, so they should be pretty reliable.



Oooh, tempted to back at the digital level. I haven’t read NHS since like issue 40 or so.


6 days left to fund The Thunderchickens, Tons of preview pages are up on the kickstarter page.




New Simon Stalenhags project, a narrative art book this time.





While I was writing the opening for my new D&D groups first campaign I used the orcpub resource a lot. So I decided to back their campaign for a mobile version.