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They put up the album on vinyl. So I pulled the trigger.

Edit: To entice others, here’s a couple songs off the new album.


They got $172,000 in pledges, but that’s a fraction of the target and it’s now cancelled.


I’ve seen campaigns go higher than $900,000 but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one with a goal that high get funded. I’ve been out of the game for a while though.


I don’t know how hard he tried? Surely this should’ve been all over social media?

I saw practically nothing after I shared the link.


Sometimes there isn’t a lot of sympathy for projects on Kickstarter where it seems like the people involved should be able to fund it through traditional means unless there is something wrong.


Clicking on the link then looking at the updates it looks like they’re ditching Kickstarter and have set up they’re own crowdfunding portal to raise a target $5.9 million.


Wow! They added $5M to the goal too.


Well good luck to them…



Any GI Joe comic and toy fans here? :wink:


It needs a briefcase with space to hide a gun as one of the accessories, to recreate that one story Priest likes to tell

(scroll down to 3. enter the dragon for full epicness)


Not a fan, but that is very cool and well-deserved :slight_smile:


I’ll have to read that later. Thanks.

The article does say there is a mystery accessory for people backing at a certain level.

If it was the price of a normal GI Joe, I might bite but I understand this would be a bit more expensive. I loved Hama on Wolverine.


Just finished the article. That was really great. I always forget that Priest used to be Owsley.


Yes, I will be backing this. :smiley:

I just did.




I really need your support about this project. This is the only way getting bigger and making more good comics for you guys.
All the best,


Hi Ronnie,
Could you please help me to share this project?
I really need to get some attention by this project.
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