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Crowdsourced projects - Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Pledgemusic, etc


That’s the main difference between the two platforms. There are also different requirements on what defines a “project” and what is allowed on each site.


You can be more controversial on Indiegogo too, so if you have a project that’s part of a campaign to do something that has a political angle, that’s ok. Kickstarter are much stricter about that.


Yes so it seems if you are raising funds Indiegogo is the better option as far as the rules go. It has a lower profile though so the downside may be lower traffic and pledges (as displayed by this being the first time David has used it compared to several times for KS).


Interesting point about lower traffic leading to lower pledges – that implies you’re relying on random site users to find your page and pledge. In my experience (and I know it’s not universal) I’m pledging to people I already know, so they drive me to the site rather than vice versa. So the profile of the site is completely irrelevant to me.

It would be interesting to know how important “drive by” pledgers are, though I imagine it’s completely impossible to quantify even by the sites themselves.


I follow the same pattern, usually get linked here or on social media, but I do know of Kickstarter users that browse the site for interesting projects. I think Ronnie has said he’d done that in the past.

They also seem to be advertising pretty heavily on my Facebook, mostly for various gadgets, I got one for a heated blanket today.


Conversely, there’s even less protection for backers.

I used to but haven’t in some time. I became slightly disillusioned with it due to some projects that have languished for so long and a handful of mediocre products that didn’t live up to the hype.

There have been a few things that really made the whole experience worth it but I just haven’t felt like putting the effort into it that I used to.


Social media is the main driver of crowdfunded traffic.

People help things that appeal to them directly, either as cool, or clever or even as genuinely useful.

Mainstream attention isn’t a bad thing (mostly), but word of mouth is what crowdfunding relies on.


There’s also the fact that on any tech solutions one tends to end up dominating. As Ben will remind us there are dozens of places you can get books online and often cheaper but people turn most often to Amazon as it has the profile.



I don’t know the full technicalities, but it seems that Indiegogo is dropping support for PayPal for campaigns based in certain countries. You will no longer be able to back a Russian campaign after 26th January, for example, even if that campaign still has weeks left to run – there will no longer be a mechanism to get your pledge to Russia.

I suppose Indiegogo has a good reason for it, but to me it just looks arbitrary, and handled in a very botched and unfriendly way – at least let ongoing campaigns run their course before you kill them!

Anyway, that means you have just one day left to back this awesome new album by Russian pianist and composer Gleb Kolyadin:

Dooooo iiiittttt!


Can’t you just pay by credit card?

I appreciate that may not be the preferred choice but it’s a mechanism.


Apparently there’s always been a problem with credit cards through Indiegogo in Russia, so PayPal was the only mechanism.

Again, I don’t understand the technicalities of why that should be, I’m just passing on what the campaign owners are saying. I get the impression that everything do do with Russia is an administrative nightmare :expressionless:


There are a number of sanctioned banks in Russia, payment routes are probably one of the issues.


Yeah I dd a quick Google and there are also some countries that won’t support crowdfunding legally as they view them as donations and they need to be registered charities.


Francis Ford Coppola wants $900,000;


That just seems destined to fail. That’s a lot of money to raise and even if they do hit their target there’s no way that it’s enough to cover the cost of developing a the scale they mention (even with the extra $5 million noted in the description).


Coppola’s attitude to putting a project together (as he described it in the past) was to start marching down the street, holding a flag, and hope that people would form a parade behind him.

I think he’ll get a lot of interest and funding but, as you say, something like this is potentially very expensive, far more than he’s going for right now.

Still, if he can prove that there’s a market waiting for it, then others might join the parade.



It’s been a while since I’ve backed a Kickstarter project but I’m strongly considering this one. A vinyl pressing would probably seal the deal for me.


Found this and thought I’d pass it along: