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Man, I haven’t read Ninja High School in years!


Sorry late to reply to this but I don’t think Avatar has any logistic issues, the comic came out exactly when they said it would. It’s just that they didn’t need a kickstarter, it was coming out anyway, it was pretty much already solicited in Previews so it was just a way to raise extra money for an existing product.

As for their location, I don’t think it really matters, one of the biggest UK magazine publishers that export around the world are based in Ludlow, a small town on the Welsh border that barely anyone has heard of. In fact now everything is done electronically I think it makes more sense, probably if they made me head of Marvel the first thing I’d do is move it to Ohio to save costs. :smile:

Edit: Sorry I know what you mean now, on getting the Kickstarter orders out faster, yeah that is a slip up.


Oh, I totally agree. It’s one of the things that makes Rantoul a poor choice. Business taxes differ from state to state in the US. Illinois is one of the worst and Rantoul is still almost a 2 hour drive from Chicago. So there is very little if any benefit unless the owner just happen to live there. Ohio wouldn’t be bad but Kentucky or one of the southern states are generally the preference of most businesses for relocation in the US.

It’s what killed my hometown for any kind of business or manufacturing. We were a 5 hour drive from Chicago but had the same state taxation laws. Then, we were boardered by Missouri, Kentucky and Indiana which all had significantly lower tax burdens for businesses.


Did you get just the books or other items? If it’s just the books, then there are no VAT charges. I have no idea why Parcelforce thinks there are, they should know better.

Tell them to deliver it and when the guy come to the door to collect the money, open the parcel (have a friend film this) and demonstrate that it’s books. Then close the door.

(N.B. I am not a lawyer, and my plan might see you in court. But if you go to jail that’s ok, because it’s the principle that matters :wink: )


And, hold on: £34 for VAT? Even if Parcelforce thinks your parcel is eligible for VAT, the highest possible rate of VAT is 20%. £34 is 20% of £170. Did you really pledge £170 for this kickstarter? :open_mouth:

I think Parcelforce are scamming you.


I had to pay them to release it, they left me a voicemail saying it was getting sent back.

It was books plus a few stills from the movie that I didn’t even want.

To be honest, now I have the package the whole thing was a it of a rip off, even if the books are very well put together.


I think avatar are scamming me



Midcentury Americana - Awesome Wood Toys


This comic is from someone I worked with a few years ago, it’s good to see he’s still producing things like this.



Bring Simon To British Screenwriters Awards

Simon has MND and wrote and directed his feature film ‘My Name Is Emily’ using his eyes only.


This kickstarter is for a group trying to create an ongoing horror anthology book. I came across it on Twitter earlier and thought it was a cool idea. The people involved are definitely not amateurs, even though the video isn’t all that much. I read one of the full stories and really enjoyed it.


Former Millerworlder Russell Hillman has launched the Kickstarter for his 80s slasher comic:



So I was catching up on Kickstarter last night and realized that I’ve mostly lost interest. Most of my projects have delivered and I’ve gotten some really great items out of them. However, it’s the ones that haven’t delivered or the ones that really weren’t what I expected that have me reticent to back a lot of new projects. I wonder if my experience is purely anecdotal or if the platform has seen an overall similar decline.


I’m still backing occasional projects, probably at the same rate I always have.

So, no, anecdotally there has been no decline :slight_smile:

But things I back have always been things I probably would have bought if they were offered through regular channels anyway, though sometimes the kickstarter will tempt me to pay a bit more for the “extras” at higher pledge levels.


I’m backing a few, it’s mostly books and the occasional film; stuff that doesn’t have to be posted (PDFs and passwords for Vimeo).

With the films (and some of the books) I’m paying over the odds for what I get, but I’m supporting projects I want to see succeed.


Yeah. I’ve been tightening my belt in terms of spending and Kickstarter is one of the things that I cut right back on. I’m no longer taking a punt at things that might be OK as I’ve received one too many so-so humdrum books that I wouldn’t have looked at twice at on the shelves of a shop. The skyrocketing price of international shipping has also made me pass on projects too.