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When I do international Kickstarter comics, I try to stick with digital only. It’s probably a bit easier for me as so much is centered in the US with Kickstarter. I don’t think it’s something project owners do intentionally but out of ignorance. It’s one of the bigger hangups for DIY. It still sucks to be stuck with the bill.

I’ve tapered off quite a bit with Kickstarter. I used to check new projects everyday but probably haven’t looked at them in a week. I’ve got a few projects floating out there in likely to never finish land. Those are probably the most disappointing.


How does it work when projects hit limbo like that? Is there a point at which backers can ask for a refund?


Kickstarter’s rules say that a project owner is required to fulfill pledges, refund money or give an account of where the money has been spent. However, they are not involved in the project after funding. So the only way it usually happens is if the project offers to refund.

That can be a bit rare as most projects don’t finish because of lack of funds or the project owner ceasing communication.


If it’s just books then I have always thought that it shouldn’t cost anything in VAT, but I’m not a lawyer of any description, so I’d suggest starting with the Government website;

The parcel’s declaration may be badly filled in, leading to a misunderstanding?

Unless the rules have changed?


Yep that’s what I was referring to in my earlier post - books shouldn’t be subject to those charges. I’ve ordered books a lot from the US and have never had a problem with importing them, so perhaps it’s a customs declaration issue.

Perhaps you can appeal it with Parcel Force, Chris? I know that’s only adding to your hassles, but if it gets you out of paying £34…

(Unfortunately in my experience this is not an easy process, not least because part of the charge is usually the handling fee for the customs check, not the actual customs check itself. Of course, you shouldn’t be eligible for either given that your book is exempt, but getting people to cancel these charges can be difficult.)


I think I have heard of Kickstarter projects getting into this before. I think it largely comes from ignorance as they are adapting to an unfamiliar process.


Thanks Steve, I’m going to appeal it and refer them to this info.


I received my copy of the card game Bring Your Own Book today, while it was a Kickstarter project I missed the campaign. Do Better Games decided to also put in place a preorder system which essentially shipped copies of the game to people on the list at the same time as they fulfilled the Kickstarter orders.



Awful video completely redeemed by the hilarious zoom shot at 4.21 :laughing:


The Cinema Purgatorio Kickstarter was a bullshit item anyway. Avatar publish a lot of comics and they think they need help for one with Alan Moore, Kev O’Neill, Kieron Gillen and Garth Ennis on it? The lead time was so short they were going to publish it anyway.

There’s nothing illegal or immoral really about it but it goes against the ethos of the site’s aims that logistics would tell you the work was done and on its way to the printers when they were trying to ‘kickstart’ it. As soon as I copped that I took my leave even though I supported Moore’s film effort with Jimmy’s End (which did deliver).


To be honest, I I kinda agree and felt that way even when I was ordering it.

I think the fact that I was so high on a Moore tip, with Providence & Crossed 100+1, that I just couldn’t help myself.

Kickstarter is another complication that I don’t really have time for, so it’s doubtful I’ll be supporting anything again in future, especially now they’ve since got back to me to say my only option is pay the money; no sorry we should have warned of this.


How did Avatar not have better logistics in place? They’re a real company aren’t they?

Wow. Just found out their out of Rantoul, Illinois. That’s a bizarre place to start a comic company.


Kickstarter for a thing I’m contributing a few stories to should be coming up soon. Hope you’ll support! Should be printing some of my weirdest short stories yet, and all of them very different.


A couple of early designs from one of the short stories that’ll be included in the 7Deadly anthology from Penstrike Publishing.




This was launched before, as a feature, but it failed to raise it’s ambitious budget, so now it’s back as a short.

It’s my kind of thing so I’ve backed it, and I hope it happens this time.


Hey guys!

Just saw the first page (well, the 7th page of a 10 page story, but the first produced) of one of my shorts for an upcoming anthology. The short is called MANY HAPPY RETURNS, and the artist is Diego Guera.

And the page is GORGEOUS! Check it out below!


A little about that particular story: With the discovery of the TELOMORE technique, the human race first became immortal, then began systematically resurrecting past generations. Death is no longer a concern, but what new horrors emerge? Deniz Camp and Diego Guerra bring you an absurd & disturbing vision of the future.!SIN-The-deadly-tales-within-the-anthology/v11tq/574b4b090cf23b010088ed72



I just backed this on Kickstarter.

It’s written by James Lundy the brains behind Edinburgh Comic Con .


I pledged on this:

I got the Amiga book they did, and it was really good, so looking forward to this one.