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the article by the Doubleclicks I linked to waaaaaay upthread actually talks a lot about the shipping issues, and making sure you can deliver on your promises before you make them. It’s a shame Chaosium didn’t do some more research before launching, they’ve been one of the old dependables in the RPG industry for a long time.


And hopefully they are again.

I corresponded briefly with Lynn Willis about 15 years ago, regarding an idea I had for a sourcebook (I’m not a gamer, just a fan of Lovecraftian fiction). It never went anywhere but that was more down to me than him. They didn’t have a lot of money but they had a real love for their work.

Sadly he retired in 2008 and died a few years later.



And the video wont display.

Possibly I’m being very dumb, but shouldn’t someone looking for crowdfunding make their pitch video as easy to share as possible?

Still, it looks like a good documentary, if a bit too romanticized in places.


Link doesn’t work either. It looks like it might have been taken down.


Nope, it’s there, but the link wasn’t working for me either when i just tried it. Go figure?

Anyway, I’ve updated it with the short url version. That should work… I hope…


That’s an interesting video. My grandfather and his brothers used to make money by hunting and trapping animals for meat and furs along with gathering roots like goldenseal and ginseng or other things that grow wild like morel mushrooms. They were quite poor and not too far removed from some of the people in the documentary. There are still a few people who do it for fun where I’m from but it’s far from a way of life now.


Don’t know if this is the right place to post this, but my band re ently released their first album. It was self funded and we were hoping to recoup the costs with sales, so it’s more crowd funding after the fact. You can check it out at and its a pay what you want deal.also there is a music video here if you’re into that sort of thing


Has anyone who backed the Cinema Purgitorio Kickstarter received any physical items yet?


They haven’t been sent out yet? That’s a bit of a poor show when the regular comic came out a couple of weeks ago.


If they’ve sent it I have not received it.

Yeah, I’m pretty miffed. I’ll give it another week or so then chase it up.

It wasn’t cheap. First and last Kickstarter I’m doing at this rate.


Yes, it came last week. I just got the hardcover books, not signed. I think they said that signed material would take longer as it had to go backwards and forwards, but if you just ordered the book I don’t see why it should be a week later than mine. Maybe worth querying it with them?


Thanks David, yeah I ordered some signed stuff as well. I’ll give it a bit longer then chase them.


The insanely talented Tille Walden has started a Patreon

Her semi-autobiographical comics are amazing and she deserves your monies


The Terry Pratchett fan film of Troll Bridge is celebrating the 25th May:

"It’s the Glorious 25th of May… otherwise known as Lilac Day, Towel Day, or Geek Pride Day! Celebrate with us and let your geek colours soar!

In honour of Sir Terry Pratchett and the Glorious Revolution… 100% of all TROLL BRIDGE pledges made through BackerKit within the next 24 hours will go directly to Alzheimer’s Research UK. We’ll wear the costs - and that’s cutting our own throat!"


Just got an envelop thru from parcel force telling me I have to pay £34 to release my Cinema Purgitorio Kickstarter books from customs.

Is this right???

I never factored another £34 quid into my purchase.

This is the first and last Kickstarter I support. Just a pain in the arse.


What is that for? Books shouldn’t be subject to the import charges a lot of other items are. Did they underpay postage or something? Either way £34 sounds like far too much.


Parcel Force are saying its VAT charges.

I wasn’t made aware of this by Kickstarter and if I had been I would not have funded it.


Where is it coming from, the US? That sounds insane. I know other projects have had unexpected customs charges.


Yeah, from US I think Ronnie