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Crowd-Funding to help Pete Doherty's recovery - please read!


I wasn’t sure if this was public or not, but this has Pete’s daughter’s blessing and so can now be shared.

But our friend Pete Doherty, who has done brilliant lettering, design and colour work for us on books like Jupiter’s Legacy and MPH took really, really sick a few weeks back. Editor Rachael got a call that he’d had an aortic split, which you can google to see how serious it is, and had to undergo major surgery. He was in theatre for over half a day and was in an induced coma for the next week or two.

The good news is that he’s getting a little better, but it’s a long road ahead and as with all freelancers in our industry he doesn’t get paid when he isn’t working. He’s been a great friend to us here at Millarworld and we’re going to make our donation privately to him here, but I would please encourage all of you if you have any spare cash to donate to this crowd-funding exercise. Pete really is the nicest guy and when you’re sick the last thing you want to worry about is money.

The link is below for anyone who can help, even in the smallest way:

Get well soon, Pete!



That’s “rupture”, and that is serious shit. As Pete lived it is now bills and recovery!

Godspeed to you and the family, Pete!