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Creators meet on Millarworld forum, launch Kickstarter


Hey everyone!

Seeing as this is where our journey began, I thought I’d jump back into the Millarworld forum to announce our new Kickstarter.

I joined this forum back in 2015 when Millarworld first announced the talent search. I didn’t win, but I got some constructive feedback, which along with stories from other creators here, inspired me to have a crack at manifesting something.

I wrote a script and soon after, I met artist @goofmss on this very forum (check out his deviant art page, it’s AWESOME:

So we’re super pumped to present…

Milky issue #1 (of 4) - a fresh comedy/sci-fi comic book

Synopsis: A nervous milkman leads the ignorant residents of Crafton Hill in a daring rescue after his lifelong crush is abducted by aliens…

You can check out the Kickstarter here: There’s a trailer that shows off a lot of the artwork and, if you’re feeling flush, you might like to chip in a little. :slight_smile: We really appreciate any support.

You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter if that’s your jam.

Milky Facebook:
Milky Twitter:

There’s been a lot to learn in this process (and I’m still learning). I’ve been absent from this forum while in creative-mode, but now I’ve got a bit of experience behind me, I feel like perhaps I’ve got a bit more to contribute.

So if you want any advice on launching a Kickstarter for your book (or can offer any) please drop a comment below or message me directly.

And please share your Kickstarter or self-published book experiences in this thread - especially if it’s a product of this community like Milky.

While this post obviously serves as a bit of self-promotion, I do hope it inspires anyone who’s having a hard time getting something made as this forum did for me. Whether it’s about funding, self-doubt, or you just don’t know where to start… feel free to give me a shout. I’m not an expert by any means - but I’m more than happy to help anyone that asks if I can.

You don’t need permission to create a thing. Just work hard. Ask for help. Build a team (pay your artists). Learn from failure. And make it happen.

Oh, go on then… Here’s a sample page for you. It’s page 15. If you want to know what happens before or after, you know what to do. :slight_smile:

Have an inspiring day!


Josh. I really admire what you’ve done here and see that you’ve put the hard yards in behind the scenes putting a team together plus organising the logistical nightmare which can be Kickstarter.

I do have one concern though.
Do you think it’s realistic to pay £8 for a 22 page book?

I buy quite a bit of stuff from Kickstarter and comparing apples with apples this does seem a bit of a stretch.
Eg Killtopia £10= 44 pages print and digital

Eg Hollow monters £6 32 pages digital and print.

Also if you didn’t trade wait you would be expected to pay £32 for 4 x 22 page books.

Personally I can justify that for any comic.

Apologies for the negativity (again super impressed that you’ve pulled it together) I’m just not sure if there’s a realistic audience here to meet you goals and expectations.


Hey Mark. Thanks so much for your kind words!

The logistical nightmare of running a Kickstarter for the first time is very much part of the learning curve for me. I’m based in Madrid, Spain, and I reckon I’m going to have all sorts of hidden costs jump out at me for printing and shipping. I’ve seen other books going for that much, but I’ve probably overlooked the fact that they’re longer, as you say. Also heard horror stories of people miscalculating rewards and ending up in the red even after a successful campaign.

I was just about to back a project this morning and then found shipping to Spain was more expensive than the two issues I was backing (I’ll stop blaming Spain for everything. I love it here. :slight_smile: ).

What price would you be willing to pay for a 22-page print issue on Kickstarter?

And don’t worry about the “negativity”. I asked for advice and learning to take it on the chin is a big part of the process.


Yeah, i agree with, Mark, Buddy.

i sell my 24 page comics for £3.00 each…then charge £1.80 for UK Shipping.
I back a lot of kick starters and if i saw a single comic for £8, i’d keep scrolling…sorry.
unless its a trade, i never pledge more than £5 for single comic…


Thanks, guys! This is becoming a popular opinion. I can’t edit it, unfortunately. But at least I know for next time.
@mattgarvey1981 Can you please share a link to your Kickstarter so I can see how it’s done?


I don’t have a kickstarter, buddy.
I just pay fir my printing and sell like machine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great looking collection, @mattgarvey1981!
Can you offer any tips on how to raise funds for the artwork without crowdfunding?
Unless it’s a secret sauce you’d rather not share. :slight_smile:


Dude, I just save up my cash…
I think in pahpges not cash…
Shal, we go out for a meal?
No let’s get a take away because I can save £20…to put towards art.
Shall I go to the pub tonight…
No because I can have a drink at home and page for half a pageor art…
Sacrifices, mate…
It’s taken me 8 years to get here…lts a marathon not a sprint.


Pretty much what those guys said - otherwise the preview looks decent quality, so maybe figure out how you can pitch it at £3-£4 +postage. Also, I’m guessing you have 22 pages of art in a 24 page comic, which I think would be okay to promote as a 24 pager, unless anyone else thinks otherwise?


Thank you! I’m talking to a few smaller printers this week in the hope I can just pick it up in the car rather than suffer delivery costs to my place and then again sending it out. Also going to take a dummy envelope down to the post office and get specific international postage costs.

I think I was way too ambitious to think I could recover production costs from the Kickstarter. Next time round I’ll focus more on just funding the printing (I feel like that’s probably what it’s for really) then take Matt’s advice and fund the production myself little by little.

Thanks for all the advice guys! I’m going to put a blog post together when the campaign’s over with all the feedback I’ve received that might help others avoid the same mistakes.

(Exactly. 22 pages of art in a 24-page comic).