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She was awesome.
It was a creepy story and then the last line the entire audience audibly gasped.
No brainer.

I did westworld for dogs :joy::rofl:


It’s a matter of opinion and personal taste, I guess.

Slight spoilers…

Anything with implied infanticide, I would term as pretty dark.

I think it was enough to make the judges hesitate, and it probably was the only reason there was any discussion at all as to who should win, at all, because her story clearly had the most impact. I don’t think anyone else was seriously a contender.

My flatmate did pitch and I think both the judges and audience actually really liked her idea, but there wasn’t enough of a twist for it to be a Future Shock.

Everyone else (including me and Mark) didn’t even come close. Either the story was too flawed, not interesting enough or it was too obvious. There were some good ideas pitched, but they weren’t realized in the right way to pique the judges interest.


Yeah, okay that sounds like a huge risk that paid off for the pitcher. They haven’t done anything in the last couple of years (that I’ve seen anyway) which suggests they’d accept that. On the other hand, if they want fresh, new material, then, if done well, I guess anything goes.


I did wonder, since it was only a small part of the narrative, if they might make changes to make the story more acceptable. That did seem to be suggested during the feedback.

And it wasn’t gratuitous or anything.

Still, I wouldn’t have the balls to pitch something like that.



I submitted a Future Shock just before the window shut.

Admittedly it’s no canine robot theme park (I’d be interested to read that btw)… more Total Recall x The Hangover.