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Hello all. I’ve been looking over the board and it seems without the Millarworld Talent Competition, some upcoming creatives seem a little lost.

The Millarworld Annuals were of course an awesome idea and hopefully they will eventually come back, but the Chief is understandably busy and the Millarworld Competition is not the only method of breaking into the industry out there.

I thought it might be useful to create a thread where people can discuss creative opportunities as they come across them.

I do try to post opportunities to my blog when I find them, but that’s probably a bit of a limited audience, and doubtlessly I don’t know every opportunity out there. Still, you can find my blog here -

Now, the best opportunity in my opinion, is the Top Cow Talent Hunt which runs each year. Top Cow Productions is of course a partner studio in Image Comics.

The current Talent Hunt is over, but it will likely return in September.

That said, if you want to get an early start on it, Matt Hawkins usually announces what the next Talent Hunt is going to be about around the middle of the year, months in advance. It’s a good idea to follow him on Twitter -

Every year there is also an official thread for the Top Cow Talent Hunt on the Comic Book Resources forum. Here is the one for 2017 -

The other publisher who is great at giving opportunities to new creators is Alterna Comics. You can find their website here -

This is the fourth year that they’re running their IF Anthology, a black and white anthology which accepts stories which are a maximum of 16 pages in length.

They only accept completed strips.

The theme for this year’s IF Anthology is HORROR.

This week Alterna Comics also announced that they’re launching a bi-monthly anthology title called ‘It Came Out on a Wednesday’.

They’re accepting completed strips which are a maximum of 12 pages in length and they can be HORROR, SCI-FI or FANTASY.

If anyone else knows of opportunities for upcoming creators to break into the industry or if any creators have questions, please post them here.


Great info! I’ve had a few people from instagram show up in my twitter and instagram feed, and am getting closer to having a completed piece!


Alterna* darn autocorrect :joy:


Great idea and thanks for the info, too!


Of course, 2000AD also has open submissions until the 2nd of March, although if you can make it to Thought Bubble Comic Con, I think you’re much better off pitching to 2000AD there.

However, here is the link -

I think the biggest problem with 2000AD is that they’re looking for a short sci-fi story with a twist that is truly original, and 2000AD has been around for so long, that it’s very difficult to come up with an idea that hasn’t been done already.

Still, it’s a good experience and good practice.


I eagerly await strike 3 at T-bubs :rofl:


Yeah, I seriously crashed and burned at the last one.

I came up with my idea quite late, I think this year I need to come up with something earlier, and rehearse my pitch. That’s what I did the first time round and I did much better then (although, still not good enough to win).


The woman who won was outstanding though. The whole crowd gasped at her twist and everyone knew it was the winner!


It was certainly well pitched and she managed to wow people. That said, there were problems with story logic, and it was quite disturbing.

I sensed a bit of reluctance from the judges when they selected her, likely because of the very dark subject matter, so I wouldn’t say that she was the clear winner.

Going that dark, that is risky.

However, she managed to do something which everyone else failed to do, and that is stand out from the crowd, and that isn’t an easy thing to achieve.


I intend to dial up my annoying accent and speaking at a million miles an hour up to 11 just to prove a point this year :rofl:


Very helpful. This should remain in the top.


I don’t really know what this is about (I mean, presumably Power Rangers related, but it doesn’t seem to be officially sanctioned) but it might be up the alley of a few people here:



I once pitched to Future Shocks (2000AD). I was rejected, but they actually sent me a note, which someone told me was rare. This was at the beginning of my efforts to break in. I never ended up submitting another one because at the time I wasn’t really thinking in a Future Shocks kind of way, and my approach was to come up with a whole elaborate scenario, which I decided I didn’t really want to throw away at such a brief story. I think I maybe ought to reconsider that.


If you have a really great idea, then pitching it to 2000AD is worthwhile. And if they don’t like it, well, then you can use it elsewhere.

The rejection letter I got from 2000AD was fairly generic.

If you can make it to Leeds for Thought Bubble later in the year, then I do maintain that you have much better odds of getting your idea accepted, given that you’re only going to be going up against around ten other people and their ideas.


Was intending to pitch at Thought Bubble '17, but didn’t get my shit together in time, so I’m just polishing my idea ahead of the deadline.

Future Shocks seem like a tough nut to crack, but the quality of published ideas can vary quite a bit. And they don’t publish that many. Probably less than a dozen last year (as well as a few three-part Tharg’s Thrillers).

I’ve got some ideas I’m fairly happy with, so I’ll get this first one out the door, then work on the others while I’m waiting for my rejection letter :smile: - like Paul says, worst case scenario, I’ll work on it with an artist and pitch it at FutureQuake, AlternaComics or another anthology…


Any idea if there was a video of pitches from Thought Bubble in 2017 (there was in 2016)?


I have my idea for Thought Bubble 2018. I was trying to get to sleep on Saturday night (I was up early on Sunday) when an a good idea came to me and I wrote it down.

I ended up being completely shattered due to lack of sleep the next day, but for a good idea, it was worth it.

I find Future Shock type ideas really tough. I’m good at telling good stories but you can never know what someone will find surprising or original. I think if I do stumble onto a winning idea, it will completely be by chance.

I hope not. As I said before, I crashed and burned last year.

However, I did see Mark with his phone out in the front row, so I think he might have recorded some of it. Mark?


I think I recorded their responses to me and that might of been it.
Will do some digging around


Thanks. I’m interested, but no worries if you don’t find it. Think it’s harder to pitch than it is to come up with a strong idea. Think the 2017 is due to get published in March. Was the pitch really that dark?


Yeah, Its 4 minutes of Paul Cornell, Al Ewing, Paul Cornell and 2000AD Editor tearing me to bits.
Al and Paul said some nice things but I ain’t going to post it here.