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Crazy Partworks Season


That seems oddly niche and yet, at the same time, a brilliant idea.

This one is the craziest I’ve seen: build a Shelby Mustang model.

100 issues at £8.99 a pop. I’m no expert, but I feel like a 1/8 model of a Mustang would cost less than £900.


Actually that’s probably pretty close. 1:8 scale models are huge and incredibly detailed.


I may be underestimating the size of 1/8 scale, admittedly.


Matchbox/Hot Wheels are 1:43. The slightly larger ones are 1:18 or 1:24. The one below is 1:8. It’s the size some car manufacturers use for a model before they make a full scale one. Some can go for $1000’s of dollars. The one below is quite a bit more because it was a gold plated carbon fiber one off.


I saw the ad and thought it was a spoof. I was waiting for the punchline.

I’m still half convinced it was a spoof.


For the write off I spent (and by that I mean wasted) a lot of time writing a conversation about those guys at the control desk of the Death Star with the large helmets. Even as a child, they seemed wildly incongruous and I have no idea what their purpose was.

The conversation didn’t make it past the first draft.


Well, I sometimes find Partworks at Charity shops, albeit practically or fully complete. A decade ago, I picked up Orbis’ Home Computer Course, with only one volume absent. I recently got that volume, thus completing it. Or a couple of years ago, I found at the local Salvation Army here in Australia, a practically complete set of the Star Trek Fact Files, with many of the issues not even taken out of their plastic wrappings, and a bonus Star Trek art book. That I got for $10AU (it was $15AU, but the proprietors there decided to give me a discount). And just recently, I obtained the first 30 issues of the Ultimate Real Robots series, with a practically complete and operational Cybot, and a Box full of spare parts for $20AU. Is it me or is Partworks a keen find at the Op Shops here?